Abbotsford Auto Glass and Windshield Repair and Replacement

The windshield of a vehicle is the glass at the front of the vehicle. It provides visibility for driving as well as protect the occupants of the vehicle from external elements. Windshields in modern times are made with laminated safety glass; a treated glass that can hold together rather than shattering in the case of a crack or crash. It includes a plastic layer laminated in between two curved glass sheets which are bonded into the frame of the window.

Modern windshields help to contribute to the safety of a vehicle. They are designed so that they do not shatter and cause injury due to sharp fragments. For this reason, windshields can easily be repaired when they are cracked. If the impact is great and they turn up broken, they will need to be replaced.

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Repairing a Windshield

Repairing a Windshield

A car windshield can get damaged for any number of reasons. A lot of the time small damages are caused by stones, hard fruits and seeds such as rosebuds, etc. when they hit it. Most types of these damages may be repaired successfully. The possibility of repairing a windshield is dependent on some factors. They are:

The size of the damage

Cracks of up to 6.1 cm are small and are within range of what can be repaired. Any glass that experiences greater damage will need to be replaced. A lot of these are also usually dependent on local laws.

A crack that extends to the edge of a window panel usually indicates that the integrity of the glass has been compromised and requires a replacement.

Type of Damage

Some cracks may be repaired even without a need to remove the glass. This helps to eliminate bonding issues which can lead to leaking. Cracks that are linear, star-shaped, or circular fall into these categories.

Location of Damage

While some cracks may be quite small, they may not be ideal for repair due to their location. Some of these types include:

  • Those inside the windshield
  • Multiple cracks that have made the damage complex
  • Long cracks of up to 45cm or more.
  • Cracks located at the edge
  • Deep damages on both the glass and the plastic lamination.
  • Contaminated cracks.

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To repair a cracked glass, a special vacuum injection pump is typically used to remove air from the affected area. Still using the injection pump, an adhesive resin is injected into the affected area so that it can replace the air that was removed. Ultraviolet light is then applied to cure the resin. When this is done, the glass is restored and it can have up to 90-95 of clarity.

It is worth knowing that a crack on your windshield must be repaired as soon as possible. If you delay going for repairs, the greater the chance of needing a replacement. This is because even a little chip can become larger in just a few days. Moreover, when the damage is bigger, it might portend more danger. A little hit just at the right spot could necessitate you needing a replacement.

When Does A Windshield Need To be Replaced?

When Does A Windshield Need To be Replaced

The front window of a car needs to be replaced when it is damaged beyond repair or in situations where the damage is poorly located. When it is obstructing the driver’s view or the damage is at the edge where the crack cannot be repaired, then there is a need for a replacement.

Another reason to replace a windshield is when it has multiple cracks or chips. At this point, it might not be strong enough to withstand another hit so it is better to replace it. Also, when a crack is larger than over 14 inches, it is advisable to replace it rather than trying to repair it.

Other scenarios that can cause you to need a replacement could include situations where your vehicle needs to go for an inspection. The smallest cracks can make you fail the inspection so it is best to replace it.

You should check your windshield after winter to ascertain it does not have issues due to all the ice and snow. If it does, then you need a replacement as the structural integrity of the glass may be compromised and could crack at any time.

Furthermore, you may need a replacement after a failed repair. The failed repair can be a result of incompetence on the part of the fixer. It can as well be that the glass is already weak and a repair did not bring about the desired effect. When this is the case, rather than trying to repair it again, you should replace it this time.

Fixing Your Windshield in Abbotsford

Abbotsford is an agricultural city and community located in the center of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. With an approximate population of around 135,000, Abbotsford is a city known for its dairy farms and fruit orchards. It is also a popular place for tourists.

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When your windshield is damaged, whether it is a small crack or a big one, it is essential that you fix it as soon as possible. If you are not sure if it needs just a repair or maybe it requires a replacement, you can ask professionals in Abbotsford. They will be able to give you the right advice on what you need to do