BAKFlip MX4 vs. G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Covers: Benefits and Differences of Each

Find the best tonneau cover to keep your contents safe. Compare leading BAK bed covers today to enjoy a killer cover that stands up to daily use. Explore the benefits and differences between the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip G2 before ordering the winner online.

To start, both covers have a lot in common. A hard folding design allows both of them to provide a tight seal when closed and fold up to a small footprint when open. As long as you have a locking tailgate, you can keep all your belongings safer in the bed of your truck than they are in the cab. Convenient bolt-on clamps makes it easy to install your cover on a compatible truck bed.


The most obvious difference between these two covers is the finish. The BAKFlip MX4 greets you with a matte black finish. This may not look as shiny as a gloss finish, but is more likely to match your other accessories and OEM trim features.

The MX4 is one of the strongest BAK Industries tonneau cover options available with a high-density foam core. Enjoy a rugged closure that can support up to 400 pounds across the top surface. A full 5/8-inch of foam core and an aluminum frame keeps your truck bed safe from dropped items, heavy loads and attempted theft. A dual-action tailgate seal, three-year warranty and American-made aluminum construction top off the impressive benefits of the MX4.

BAKFlip G2

The BAKFlip G2 may not be packed with as many luxury features, but you can’t go wrong with this dynamic hard flip tonneau cover. Enjoy the same hard design, locking feature and no-drill installation for a tonneau above the rest. A gloss finish helps turn heads and give your vehicle a professional look.

Compared to the MX4, the G2 has slightly toned down features. The weight rating is only 300 pounds, so you can’t strap the same amount of kayaks, ladders or other equipment on top of your cover.

The tailgate seal uses an overlapping design. This creates a tight seal when closed, but requires you to close your tailgate before you close the last section of your tonneau cover. A two-year warranty is shorter than the MX4 warranty, but is still an impressive coverage rating for your rugged cover.

The Verdict

Compare covers for yourself to find the features you can’t live without. Both the MX4 and G2 have many benefits compared to other brands and styles of hard tonneau cover. The MX4 pulls ahead in terms of pure durability, but the G2 is a great option for reliable coverage and a glossy finish.

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