Best Gun Safes for a Garage

If you’re a gun owner, there are a lot of reasons why investing in a good quality gun safe is
considerable. One is because firearms are expensive. They are valuable, therefore, you should
keep them protected from damage in the event of a house fire. Aside from that, guns are also
targets for thieves and having a strong, well-made gun safe will help you in keeping your
investment protected from them.
Aside from keeping your guns protected, gun safes are also great if you have kids at home so that
you can prevent them from getting hold of your firearms. And it’s not just about your own kids
but other kids as well. Because even when your own kids are well-educated and responsible
around guns, they may have friends that may be curious when they visit your home. Therefore,
storing guns in a garage is more effective if you keep them in a gun safe.
A high-quality gun safe to keep your firearms protected can be quite expensive that’s why it’s
important to buy one that will last you a lifetime. There are lots of gun safe options in the market
and sometimes it can become really confusing. If you’re looking into buying a gun safe for your
garage, then we are going to help you choose the best one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

When you’re considering to buy a gun safe for your garage, you have options between long gun safes and smaller handgun safes. Even though buying a gun safe to suit your needs depends on you mainly, there are still some vital matters that you need to consider. Here are some of them.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the gun safe you will buy is important and it is advisable to buy one that is bigger than you need. It’s because most gun safes in the market are advertised to have a greater capacity, however, their canny interior designs may include racks and other features to hold guns too close to each other. These kinds of gun safes won’t be able to accommodate guns that have long barrels and wide fore-ends. Therefore, when you make your choice, think about the sizes of the guns you have and see if you need to choose one with a bigger capacity.

  • Size

Aside from the capacity, the size of the gun safe is also needed to be considered. If your garage has a small space, the size will always be a factor. It is also an important consideration especially when you are purchasing one online because you must pay attention to the advertised dimensions given by the manufacturers. Make sure that you will check the external and internal dimensions of the gun safe you will be buying. The external size will enable you to know if it will fit in your garage well and the internal size will give you an idea if it can accommodate all your firearms.

  • Accessibility

The accessibility of the gun safe is also important, especially during emergency situations. You need to choose a gun safe where you will be able to get your gun quickly. The accessibility of the gun safe is heavily influenced by the type of locking mechanism it has. There are those with a key lock, multiple locks, wheel and pin combination, electronic lock, and biometric lock. It depends on your which of them is much easier to access.

  • Weight

You should also consider the weight of the gun safe. The heavier it is, the more difficult it is to move by potential thieves. Also, when gun safes are heavier, it means that they are made with better quality steel.

  • Safe Fire Rating

You should also consider the fire rating of the gun safe you will be purchasing. If it has a fire endurance rating of UL 72 Class 350, then it will provide basic protection for its contents in the event of a fire. In order to be awarded that rating, the gun safe must undergo a Fire Endurance Test, Explosion Hazard Test, and as well as Fire and Impact Test.

The Best Gun Safes for Your Garage

After knowing the important things to consider before buying a gun safe, we are giving you a list if the best gun safes for a garage that you may like.

Where to Buy
Liberty Safe & Security Fat Boy Junior Gun Safe
BARSKA Quick Access Large Biometric Rifle Safe
Steel Water Gun Safes Heavy Duty Long Gun Fire Protection
Amsec Gun Safe 90-Minute Fire and Burglary
7550 Paragon Lock and Safe Gun and Rifle Storage
Bighorn Ultimate Gun Safe with Patented Swing Out Rack

   1. Liberty Safe & Security Fat Boy Junior Gun Safe

With this gun safe, you will be offered a lifetime warranty. It also offers one-hour fire protection for your guns. In the event of a fire, its Paulson heat-expanding seal will expand up to seven times its size to keep your firearms protected. Its body is made from 11-gauge steel and it weighs 760 pounds which is really impressive.

This gun safe has an electronic locking system that is protected from drill attack, providing you superior door security. It can comfortably accommodate the average leisure shooter’s gun collection and will provide you with a lot of scopes to add more weapons. It is designed to hold up to 48 long guns, but take into account the size of your firearms, pistol grips, scopes, and other things that may affect its capacity.

   2. BARSKA Quick Access Large Biometric Rifle Safe

This is a large biometric safe for rifles but it is a space-saver as well. It will slip neatly and unobtrusively into a narrow space in your garage. The dimensions of its interior are 9.7-inch wide by 7.63-inch depth by 52-inch high. Externally, it measures 52.13-inch high by 9.75-inch wide by 8.63-inch in depth.

This product is designed to store your rifles and as well as long guns and ammo safely. IT can accommodate up to four rifles. Its lock works via a biometrics system. If ever there would be an unlikely system failure, it also comes with a key to open the safe. This solid steel safe can be mounted on the wall or floor via three mounting points on the back.  However, this gun safe is not rated for fire resistance but it has many appealing features.

The weight of this gun safe is 62 pounds. It is made from 100 percent steel and its design incorporates tamper-resistant inner edges. Its biometric locking system can store up to 120 fingerprints which will allow multiple users to access the safe.

   3. Steel Water Gun Safes Heavy Duty Long Gun Fire Protection

This gun safe includes perfectly padded gray inside coating. It also comes with two racks where you can store your long guns. It has four adjustable shelves that you can use for storing other items. This gun safe will provide your firearms 45 minutes of fire protection up to 1550° F. It also has a semi-gloss quality coated dark finish and a high temperature-activated expandable door. It seals out smoke and water and a dehumidifier can also be installed to protect your guns for humidity.

This gun safe can hold up to 14 to 16 long guns securely. You can also bolt down the gun safe in your garage because it comes with nine 1-inch diameter metal locking bolts. It also has a digital lock combined with non-volatile combinations. If anyone tries to remove the lock, it will be equipped with a re-locking bolt.

   4. Amsec Gun Safe 90-Minute Fire and Burglary

This is a bulky long gun safe that has a lot of compartment and storage to keep your guns and other items. It is a great garage gun safe for the organized firearm owner. It will provide you with lots of different options on how you can arrange each rifle, pistol, ammunition, and other items that you want to keep secured.

This gun safe is made with heavy steel and its steel plated door is backed up by one-inch DryLight insulation to amplify fire protection. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1275°F because of its dual fire silicone seals on its door jamb.

When the lock of this gun safe is engaged, there are 10 thick bolts that clamp shut which prevents any unwanted entry. Its heavy steel build is also drill and pry proof while its interior is coated with soft fabric to prevent scratching and scuffing your firearms.

   5. 7550 Paragon Lock and Safe Gun and Rifle Storage

This gun safe is coated with 18-gauge powder which is better protected compared to other models. It has hidden hinges to amplify theft protection and heavy steel construction to deter attempted drilling. It can hold up to 8 long guns and its interior is matted to give extra cushioning.

This gun safe also has a small lockbox built on its top to hold a pistol, ammunition, and other personal belongings that you want to secure. It has two sets of keys that will lock and unlock its interior and exterior locks.It is a simple safe that you can place in your garage. It is designed for gun owners who like to bypass the bells and whistles of more complicated gun safes.

   6. Bighorn Ultimate Gun Safe with Patented Swing Out Rack

This gun safe will be able to protect your firearms from fire for 30 minutes with temperatures up to 1400°F. It also has a heat activated door seal that expands up to 7 times its size to seal the door edge and keep out heat and smoke. It also has a single hardened steel plate that protects the lock from drill attacks.

If the lock of this gun safe is tampered with or removed, it has a spring loaded re-locker to keep the safe secure. It can hold up to 21 long guns and it features a patented 6-gun swing out gun rack. It also has plush adjustable shelving and interior walls to organize your firearms. You can also install a dehumidifier in this gun safe because it is predrilled through the steel.

A gun safe is indeed essential to be able to keep your firearms safe and secured in your garage. When choosing a gun safe, you just need to always go for the best quality and UL-rated safe that you can afford. We hope that the information and products we shared will be able to help you find the best gun safe for your garage.