The Most Common Garage Bugs You May Find

A workshop setup in a garage

When someone has bugs in their house, they will probably feel creeped out and take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. Having bugs in the garden , on the other hand, is considered to be more natural and less problematic unless they’re outright pests that can threaten the … Read more

Upgrading Your Garage to Increase Your Home’s Value


Some people take the garage as a place to store their car while others convert it into a living area, workspace, or even more. If you are planning to renovate your garage, you would be thinking if it will increase the value of your home. Yes, it will increase the value of … Read more

How To Install New Flooring in Your Garage?


Garage floors are having a hard life because you move heavy vehicles over the floor. The oil drips, extreme temperatures, and the substance that come with tires affect the life of the garage floor. As result, the garage floor might crack up, caving in, shifting, and crumbling. When the garage suffers from … Read more

Options For Fixing a Garage Door Gap

half-opened garage door

A garage door gap can be an invitation to uninvited guests. The gap on the top or sides of the garage door welcomes rain, wind, snow, etc. inside the garage. Also, small creatures such as mice can fit through a dime-sized hole in your garage door. Rats only need a size of … Read more

The Best and Worst Flooring Options for Garages

Empty garage

You hardly recognize the importance of flooring for garages. Due to heavy vehicle movement, the garage floor undergoes high pressure. Your garage might look unattractive because of the staining caused by your vehicle, mainly oil and automotive fluids. The planning of flooring for the garage is as important as your home. Sometimes … Read more

Fixing An Off-Track Garage Door

A half-opened the garage door

Garage doors function on a system of switches, tracks, and rollers. They are heavy doors that take a bit of force to raise and lower them. Also, they receive quite a bit of use like the day in and day out. The garage door comes off the track due to a lot … Read more

Top Reasons for Keeping Your Garage Clean

a neat and clean garage

We all have a place in our homes, our ‘garage’ that we have filled with all the unwanted stuff. We all have walked through our garage from time to time with the motivation for a well-planned cleanout but ended up with annoyance. Cleaning the garage can be a lot of work for … Read more

How to Keep Intruders Out of Your Garage

An image of an open garage door housing tools and a blue Chevrolet Camaro.

Much like your house, you absolutely do not want intruders getting into your garage. Your garage can be one of many different things; a game room, a movie room, a game room, a workshop where you work on projects dearest to you, or actually a garage that houses your precious car. None … Read more

The Guide to Organizing Extension Cords of Your Garage

organizing extension cords

The garage is more than just a place to park your car. It has also become a mini-workshop where you would fix your vehicle, tinker a broken toaster, do some arts and crafts, or install an overhead shelf in your garage. These types of jobs often involve the use of power tools. … Read more

Guide to Keeping Your Garage Bug and Pest Free

A garage is a great addition to any home as it can protect your cars and can also be used as a storage area. Aside from that, you can use it as a workspace, as well. However, if there’s something you do not want or need in your garage, that is bugs … Read more