The Best Extension Cords for Any Garage

An extension cord with a power strip

An extension cord usually consists of insulated wire, a plug, and some sockets at one end. This is a convenient and safe way to utilize limited power outlets. You can use these cords to connect power tools, appliances, or anything other electric device required when you’re working in your garage. Why Do … Read more

Tips On Decluttering Your Garage

You will see the chaotic garage in most of the homes where the owner cannot fit their car in it. They keep the garage door shut to avoid others from peeking inside and seeing a mess. Getting your garage in order can be a difficult task to do if you are not … Read more

Keeping Extension Cords Organized with a Wonder Winder

A wonder winder by Designers Edge that has four outlets on one side.

People who spend a lot of time in their garage naturally like keeping it organized. Nobody wants their work area to be cluttered with junk, and losing your tools in all the mess just means a longer and more frustrating time spent on the workbench. One item that needs meticulous organizing and … Read more

Keeping Guns Secure Yet Available If Needed

an image of a hand holding a shotgun

The second amendment gives Americans the right to own firearms for personal safety and security, and many Americans choose to exercise this right. Three in ten American adults (30%) own some kind of firearms, with most gun owners feel that guns are integral to their sense of freedom. While firearms certainly contribute … Read more

Ways to Wrap Extension Cords for Storage

an image of extension cords and safety tools

It can be tempting to gather up your extension cord and toss it away after you are done with it,to deal with it when you next need it. However, it is always a good idea to properly wrap the extension cord before storing it. In this way, when you take it out … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Garage Utility Carts

garage utility carts

A garage is a place not just to park your vehicle or to store things. Nowadays, there are many things you can do inside your garage. It can be a dedicated workspace to do your craft, hobby, or repairs. While working in your garage, you tend to go back and forth to … Read more

Best Gun Safes for a Garage

a black steel gun safe holding different kinds of rifles, handguns, and pistols

If you’re a gun owner, there are a lot of reasons why investing in a good quality gun safe is considerable. One is because firearms are expensive. They are valuable, therefore, you should keep them protected from damage in the event of a house fire. Aside from that, guns are also targets … Read more

Tips for Storing Guns in a Garage

garage gun storage

Most of us use our homes’ garages to store tools, household chemicals, and other large appliances. Aside from those things, the garage is also a popular option to store guns especially if you have limited space in the house or if there are kids around. However, keeping guns in a garage is … Read more

Best Garage Storage Systems

The garage is a place where we park our cars safely, where we do some of our hobbies, and it also stands as a storage for a lot of our household items. Since it has many functions, some garages may tend to be cluttered and unorganized. If your garage needs some organizing … Read more

Safely Storing Chemicals in Your Garage

Aside from cars, tools, gardening equipment, and bicycles, another common thing most of us keep in our garages are specialty chemicals that we use in our day-to-day living. Some of these are chemicals for your car’s maintenance, anti-freeze and window washing fluid, pesticides, fertilizers, and other gardening chemicals. These chemicals can be … Read more