The Brightest Lightbulbs for Your Garage

KCD’s 6000 Lumen adjustable triple-finned garage lights

If you spend hours upon hours in your garage every day, passionately working away at something you cherish, you have most likely had to renovate the garage to your liking. Be it having to make and install various cupboards and shelves, or having to fashion a custom-tailored workbench that suits your every … Read more

Garages: Artificial or Natural Light?

Lighting is one of the most important things any room should have. It’s because it plays a crucial role in the everyday actions and functions of people. One of the areas of our homes that should be well lit is the garage, as most of us use it as a space for … Read more

Best Portable Work Lights for a Garage

Hallomall 15W Work Light

A good and reliable work light is a must-have in any garage that has been turned into a workstation. The ceiling lights can only do so much. A portable work light is something you can use so you can avoid accidents and get the job done right. Some work lights can also … Read more

Best Work Lights for a Garage


A garage is a space usually used to park our cars, do our hobbies, and keep important tools as well. Therefore, a good lighting is needed for it to become a good place to work in. However, when it comes to garage lighting, it is somehow tricky to choose the right amount … Read more

Types of Lighting for Garages

The garage is often an overlooked interior space when it comes to lighting. It’s because some people only use it to store holiday decorations and some garden tools. However, if you use your garage as a workshop or recreation space to pursue your hobbies, then you need a proper lighting for it. … Read more

Buying Guide for Garage Lighting

Buying Guide for Garage Lighting

During garage planning, you must never take lighting for granted. There are different reasons why you must find the right garage lighting inside and outside your garage, such as to help illuminate a path, to improve security and to provide proper illumination if it is to be used as a workshop or … Read more