Extension Cord Management – The Best and Worst Ways to Store Them

Cords here, cords there, cords everywhere! The scattered wiring can not only be dangerous for your safety, but it is also an eyesore, disrupting the ambience of the living space. Proper storage of extension cords can save the homeowners from a lot of hassle in terms of organization, safety and above all, easy accessibility whenever required. 

Just imagine yourself waking into the server room to fix a network issue only to find out it is caused by poor cord management. Moreover, it may take hours to straighten the system. Well, you can avoid the inconvenience by following a few simple cord storage tips, which we will discuss later in the post. Keep reading till the end!

Advantages of Extension Cord Storage

  • A smart storage solution for electrical cords can literally bring order to the space. 
  • Helps you avoid pesky wire tangling.
  • Prevents cable damage.
  • Ensures an increase in cord’s life.
  • If you have children at home, cable management is a necessity for the sake of their safety. 
  • Pets can chew on wires, if they are not out of the way. 
  • The best part is; you can easily find your cords when stored properly without digging through the boxes and closets.

Extension Cord Management: Best Storage Ways


Let’s discuss some of the best and easiest ways to store the cables; it is high time to do some serious organization! 

1. The Over-under Method

Hint: This method doesn’t require any fancy equipment at all. 

One of the common tactics used for cord storage is overlapping loops on the top of each other. Unfortunately, this way your extension cord can damage the internal wiring and make it cumbersome. However, to prevent the issues, you need to do some little changes. Instead of making loops against the natural curve of a cord, use the over-under method for a stress-free storage. 

The process is a time-saver, and you can easily fold a 50-foot cable while staying at one place! Once done, secure the loops together and hang it on a utility hook for later use.

2. Velcro Cord Wrap

If you are planning to wrap your cables in a coil, then it is important to get your hands on some good-quality cord wraps. You can easily look for them at the nearby superstores or hardware stores. Although you can find a couple of reusable options in the market, but Velcro straps work great in terms of securing cords in one place. 

Luckily, you can get Velcro in several sizes to cater small cables as well as heavy-duty extension cords. 

3. The Chain Link

Mastering the chain-link method would take a little practice, but it is a great way to manage extension cords. Moreover, this technique makes the cables easy to transport and is equally effective for storing cords on the wall hook. 

As the name suggests, the method is all about forming chain links with a cord for storage purposes. You need to bring the ends together to connect them in a way that the length of cord is halved. Then, create a loop, flip it in downwards direction, pull the cable through it and repeat the steps until the whole cord has formed chain links. 

This method allows you to uncoil only the length you would be needing, and the remaining loops can stay protected.

4. Mounted Cord Reels

extension-cord-cable-electronicsDo you usually store your extension cables in one spot? For example at the workshop or garage? If yes, then mounting the cord on a reel can work the best for you. It will be easier for you to get hands on the extension, whenever required and make it hassle-free to store the cords back after every use. 

Unfortunately, a number of cable reels are available with thin cords that are not enough for their length, or they include banana tap (multi-outlet). However, if your cord wears or breaks at any point; you might not be able to replace it easily inside the reel. A great example is Iron Forge reel that includes 12 properly sized gauge cables and a three-outlet tap, but its price is almost double than your favorite 50-foot extension cable.

5. Use a Bucket For Storage 

Yes, you read it right! No need to spend on expensive organizers for heavy-duty cable management when you have a cord bucket at hand. You ask, what does extension cord bucket means? Well, it is basically a bucket with 5 gallon capacity, 2-inch hole on the side close to the bottom and a heavy-duty , long extension cord that is loosely wrapped inside except for the male end that sticks out of the hole (just couple of feet to reach the outlet). Once the male end is plugged in, start walking with the female end and that’s all.

No tangles and no kinks! This method is cost-effective and works great.

6. Spools

In almost every home store or hardware store, just right next to the extension cables; you may find a wide variety of wrapping spools for cords. However, not all the options may work effectively, some of them may give you a hard time in terms of wrapping smoothly. So, be careful with your choice.

 It is suggested to invest in a winding reel for a better experience.

7. Wrap Around-the-arm Technique

This might be the default method used by a majority in which you hold the end of cord in a hand, pull it to wrap around the elbow of same arm and start making loops tighter and tighter. Once done, you can secure the coils using Velcro or just wrap its end around in the form of note for a stronger grip.

It may take some practice to master this method, but totally worth it. Your extension cords will be ready to use, whenever required. 

8. Label Maker – The Savior

Organizing cluttered cables is really a task to do that we keep on delaying until it becomes a huge tangle that is impossible to fix. Good thing is that; you can effortlessly manage your extension cords by labelling their ends. After the initial effort, it will save you a lot of time in a long run. 

9. Store Short Cables with Tools

Short cords, like charging cables, can get lost easily if not stored properly. However, you can avoid this situation by keeping the small cords in the tool box. 

It is a great idea to keep the least or rarely used cords in the tool box only because you may find it hard to go all the way to the garage or store room to get your charger cable. Wouldn’t you?

Our Top Picks For Extension Cord Management

If you are not able to find the essentials for cord management in the market, or you prefer shopping online, then here are our recommendations to help you with the search.

Where to Buy
VELCRO Brand VEL-30794-AMS
Reelcraft L-4545-123-3 Spring Driven
Designers Edge E230 Extension Cord Storage Reel
Set of 2 Extension Cord Wraps
Cable Labels by Wrap-It Storage

1. VELCRO Brand VEL-30794-AMS

Velcro comes handy for organizing cords, no matter small or big. In case you are looking for high-quality Velcro in a reasonable price, then VEL-30794-AMS is certainly a great choice to consider. Available in different sizes, you can get this product in the form of pack or bundle and the prices vary for each of them. 

Each strap of VEL-30794-AMS comes with adjustable elastic and is around 1-inch wide. The use of these Velcro is versatile; you can use them as bike, book or camping strap along with fastening ropes and cables. Moreover, its belts feature a D ring buckle to ensure a secure fit. Apart from multipurpose usage; these bands are reusable, lasting you a longer time, even a lifetime, if handled with care.


  • Lightweight, weighing only 1.58 ounces 

  • Available in a variety of sizes

  • Multipurpose properties 

  • Reusable 

  • Lasts for a longer span

  • Ensures a secure fit


  • Its elasticity may bother you a bit while adjustments.

2. Reelcraft L-4545-123-3 Spring Driven

One of the best solutions for extension cord management is an electric reel, and Reelcraft L-4545-123-3 is highly suggested for all the right reasons.

The product comes with 12/3-guaze 45-foot cord, making it perfect for heavy-duty cable management and industrial use. Moreover, the reel features a durable corrosion- and abrasion-resistant powder-coat finish along with a convenient ceiling, wall or bench mount. A 4-ft. pigtail along with three prong plug  45-foot cable and an adjustable cord are also included in the package. 

Reelcraft L-4545-123-3 is structurally strong and easy to mount. It comes equipped with a robust collector ring to ensure maximum current flow. Besides, its arm positions allow a hassle-free field adjustment and versatile usage. The protect features corrosion-resistant finished components to offer great protection against premature corrosion. 


  • Durable structure 

  • Corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish 

  • Versatile usage 

  • Conducting current flow 

  • Suitable for heavy-duty  wiring 


  • Its rewinding may not be as smooth as expected

3. Designers Edge E230 Extension Cord Storage Reel

Another extremely useful tool for extension cord management that you should definitely own! Designers Edge E230 is a heavy-duty  cord reel that has the ability to hold up to 50-foot of 12-gauge cord, 90-foot of 16-guage cord and 70-foot of 12-gauge cord.

This reel has 4 grounded outlets that allow the user to use multiple tools at a time. Moreover, it ensures maximum safety to provide protection against the damage caused by short circuit or excess current overload. The good part is; the tool is able to convert most of the extension cables into a four-outlet power block. Besides, its handle is quite comfortable to grip, allowing convenient transportation and a smooth reeling motion.


  • Multipurpose tool

  • Ensures maximum safety from current overload 

  • Easy to grip handle 

  • Convenient to transport

  • Lightweight 

  • Worth the investment 


  • Quality may seem compromised.

  • May tip over while winding or unwinding the cable

4. Set of 2 Extension Cord Wraps

Wrapping up an extension cable is now as easy as a pie with this set of cord management spools by Black Duck Brand. The package includes two 17-1/2” holders in assorted colors, including black, blue, orange, green or red.

The price of these cord wraps is quite reasonable. They are made of hard plastic and would last you a longer time. Users may not find any issue like wear and tear of cords or destruction of internal wiring by using this model for wrapping extension cords.


  • Works great for Keeping extension cords out of the way.

  • Lightweight and portable 

  • Great value for money.

  • Won’t bend or damage the cord


  • May not work well for heavy-duty cords

5. Cable Labels by Wrap-It Storage

Isn’t it frustrating to keep on unplugging the wrong cord while search for the right one all the time? Get organized by labelling the cords and save your time! 

No matter you wish to label power strips or computer charging cables; these reusable tags by Wrap-It Storage can be a savior. They are easy to write on; you can use a ballpoint or marker for the purpose, whatever you prefer. Now the question is; what makes these labels different from the other brands prevailing in the market? Well, Wrap-It Cable tags feature reusable loop and hook closure, so you don’t need to use tape or any other sticking solution for the purpose. 

The package includes 30 labels with 1.5” × 0.75” writing surface and 30 days Money-back guarantee.


  • Multipurpose usage 

  • Several sizing options available 

  • Reusable closure 

  • 30 days Money-back guarantee 

  • Reasonable price 


  • You may find the writing space short.

Type Writing Surface Size Colors Variety  Pack Count
Circle 0.875” x 0.875” Multi-Color  36
Mini  0.5” × 0.5” White, multi-color 60
Speech bubbles 1.1” × 1.1” White, multi-color 36
Small 1.2” × 0.63” White, multi-color 36
Medium  1.5” × 0.75” White, multi-color 30
Large  2” × 0.75” White, multi-color 30

Which One is The Best Way to Manage Extension Cord?

Well, it would be hard decision to make as all the methods have their pros and cons. Even if we talk about the tools used in the process, it wouldn’t be fair to choose one because all the recommended products are really useful. However, it all depends on the personal preferences and requirements. Here is a detailed chart to help you make a better choice:

  VELCRO Brand VEL-30794-AMSReelcraft L-4545-123-3 Spring DrivenDesigners Edge E230 Extension Cord Storage ReelSet of 2 Extension Cord WrapsCable Labels by Wrap-It Storage
UsesHolding the wrapped cord firmlyManaging heavy-duty extension cord, industrial useStorage reelWrapping cord without damaging Sorting cables as per their purpose 
Build Elastic cinch Reinforced steelAluminum Hard plasticNylon loop and hook
Weight5.3 ounces 27 pounds 1.86 pounds 3.98 ounces 3.98 ounces
Key featuresIndoor and outdoor use, Multipurpose, reusable, fully adjustable, heavy-duty strapsCorrosion-resistant finish, heavy-duty, high-quality, durable, ensure maximum protection Lightweight, easy to use, sturdy, ensure safety, convenient conversion into 4 outlet blockAvailable in several colors, comes as a pack of 2, reasonable priceAssorted colors, variety of sizes and shapes, sells as a pack of 30 and more, reusable, Multipurpose 
Price$12.73 for 6PK Variety 8\\$477$21.54$9.99$9.99

Important Tips to Consider 

  • Make sure to determine the amount of connection and cabling that you would be needing before purchasing or installing cord products in order to avoid the clutter.
  • Follow industry standards, like ISO/IEC and ANSI/TIA or state, federal and local regulations, if any. It will ensure a failure-free, safe installation and minimize system downtime. 

Final Words

There are so many benefits of extension cord managements and a number of ways to do it right, either manually or by using equipment. You can use a cable storage bucket, reel, wrapping spool to roll up the cord and secure it with Velcro or straps at the end.

No matter which technique you use, it is important to organize the cords and keep them out of the way so the pets or kids in the house won’t get harm in any way. 

Which one is your favorite product from our recommendation list?