Ideas for Turning Your Garage into a Boxing Gym

Boxing has become one of the most common trends everywhere. It is particularly an industry that had been dominated by men in the past but nowadays, we can see that even women are actively participating. If you are looking to up your boxing game, we recommend that you turn your garage into a boxing gym. This way, you will be able to utilize some extra space in a productive manner.

Ideas for Turning Your Garage into a Boxing Gym

Install Floor Padding

Most garages have floors made of concrete. While concrete is easy to keep clean, it is also very hard. It will be difficult to practice footwork on such a hard floor. While you are building a gym primarily used for boxing, sit-ups, and pushups are part of any good exercise routine. Doing all these on a hard concrete floor can have adverse effects on your toes and knees.

Another important concern is the weights. The weights or other equipment can fall on the floor. When these weights or other equipment hit the floor with such pressure, they can break the concrete. This damage to the floor can be very expensive to have fixed.

To avoid all these problems, and to make your gym a comfortable place to workout, pad your floors. This is one of the most important ideas to turn your garage into a boxing gym. You can buy such padded flooring at any store, or online. Look for jigsaw mats or interlocking mats, as they are the most popular. These mats are also very easy to install and don’t need a professional worker, or extra equipment.

Just be sure to take care of the thickness of the padding. You want to make sure the mat is comfortable but does not allow your feet to sink into it. Here is one of our recommendations.

Where to Buy
Epic Fitness Home Gym Flooring Tiles
FITVEN Free Standing Punching Bag 70”-205lbs with Boxing Gloves


Epic Fitness Home Gym Flooring Tiles

Best interlocking floor tiles for home gym

As we mentioned above, you should always go for interlocking tiles for a home gym, these ones would be a perfect choice. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, these tiles are properly padded and the chances of you injuring yourselves are almost non-existent. This is because these are high-density floor mats. They have a softer cushion which means that even if you jump, there will not be any extra exertion on your feet.

Besides, when working out, particularly in a boxing gym, you have to move around a lot and that could be creating noise. It may be a bother to others but more importantly, it could be hindering your exercise too. These tiles are noise-reducing and have a non-slip texture which would allow you to have a better grip while boxing.

Keep in mind that this one pack will cover 24 square feet which is quite ideal for an average garage. However, if you have a bigger garage, you can get another pack as well. The interlocking mats are 24 by 24 inches each with a thickness of 0.5 inches. It can easily help you cover up an area of 6 feet by 4 feet. Besides, the best part is that you can take off these mats anytime you want.

Plan Your Space

You need to decide the purpose of your boxing gym. Is it a space for you to practice boxing, or if you intend to invite other people too? The next question you need to ask yourself is if you want to have a boxing ring in your gym. A boxing ring is necessary for sparring and is perfect if you will have friends or other people over. On the other hand, it is our recommendation that starters should be going for a punching bag and boxing gloves rather than a full-scale ring.

Once you have the answer to all these questions, you can plan your space accordingly. You need to decide the number of equipment you need, and where to place it. This way you’ll be able to make space for everything else you wish to have in your boxing gym. You can keep some space extra if you ever want to exercise in any other way such as Yoga.

Evaluate the space before trying to turn your garage into an office

Buy a Punching/Heavy Bag

You need a punching bag you can practice your punches on. There is a large variety of these bags available on the internet and in stores. You can purchase a hanging punching bag, which is the most popular type of punching bag to exist. However, this bag needs special installation, as you need to drill through the roof, and then install a hook you can hang the bag from.

In contrast, a free-standing punching bag is much easier to use, as it comes with its stand. You just need to fill the base with sand or water, to make sure it holds its place and doesn’t move around or get knocked over. A free-standing punching bag is such a great choice because you can move it wherever you want to. You don’t need to damage your garage to install it either.

Water punching bags are another popular choice. These are hanging bags, which are filled with water instead of sand. These bags have high shock resistance. This means when you hit the bag, you generate less stress to the body.

Punching bags are a must-have when practicing boxing

Once you’ve decided the type of punching bag you need, you need to decide the type of material you want. Leather punching bags are very popular because they provide an amazing training experience. Leather is also very durable, and the vintage look it provides appeals to every eye. Similarly, you can also use heavy-duty vinyl bags. While these don’t look as good, these bags are comparatively cheaper and last a fairly long time. A heavy-duty vinyl bag is a perfect idea for turning your garage into a boxing gym, on a reasonable budget.

A punching bag should ideally be 40-60 inches long. You can buy any bag with a standard length to practice your punches. However, if you want to practice your kicks too, you might need to think a little. A standard-sized bag is perfect for practicing high kicks, but you will need a longer bag to practice low kicks. One such type of long bag is the Muay Thai bag.

The weight of the bag should be about half the weight of your body. A very light bag won’t give you much of a workout, as it will be easy to push. In contrast, a very heavy bag will be impossible to work with.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Punching Bags
Advantages Disadvantages
Hanging Punching Bags
  • Easily available
  • Can be bought used
  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Need to be installed on the roof
  • Need special equipment for installation
  • Damage the roof
Freestanding Punching Bags
  • Need no special installation
  • You can move them anywhere
  • Simply need the base filled with water and sand
  • Good quality
  • No damage to the roof
  • Relatively more expensive than hanging punching bags
  • Few companies produce these
  • Aren’t easily available in a used state
  • The base can be heavy to carry up the stairs
Water Punching Bags
  • High kinetic shock resistance
  • Less stress to the body
  • Increased practice time before exhaustion
  • Decreased chances of injuries to the body
  • Extremely expensive
  • Very limited companies produce water punching bags
  • Impossible to find in used
  • The water inside them has to be changed regularly

Here is one of our recommendations on punching bags.

FITVEN Free Standing Punching Bag 70”-205lbs with Boxing Gloves

Best boxing bag and punching gloves

Many might not like the idea of drilling holes in the roof and then having the punching bag set up at any place. This is because you won’t be able to move it to any other spot easily if you want to. Therefore, we recommend that you get this complete set of free-standing punching bags along with gloves and base as well.

It may seem like a relatively expensive item, but it truly has the outstanding quality which is worth the high price tag. The box will stand at about 70 inches of height which is sufficient for people who are 47 inches to 73 inches tall. From its vertical position, it will allow you to engage your entire body rather than just the arms. This allows for better exercise and flexibility. Besides, this is one punching bag that has it all. It comes with a specific shock-absorbing system that allows you to train better and go for even intense exercise as well. The Dual TPU absorbers deliver a quick recovery from an angle of 15 degrees to 45 degrees.

Another great thing about this punching bag is that it won’t create much noise as the normal punching bags do. This is because of the shock-absorbing system which absorbs all the noise as well. Those who are concerned whether the base will be able to resist a tough punch would be glad to know that the base offers maximum stability even when the bag is filled with 205 pounds of sand.

The bag also has multi-layer construction with premium leather that is resistant to wear and tear. This is what will make this punching bag a suitable choice in the long run even when you use it in a rough manner.

While water and other items may sound suitable for adding to your punching bag, nothing is ideally better than sand for hand position and health as well. Therefore, choose sand only.

As far as the gloves are concerned, they are made with 10mm thick foam along with an anatomic hand design which allows you to suitably place your hand and make some wild punches without injuring yourself in any way.

Punching bags will help you improve the boxing game

Think About Speed Bags

Speed bags are small punching bags that you hit with spontaneous, and extremely fast punches. These are light, so they move around a lot, and this makes them fundamental for boxing training. The speed of these bags helps train your reflexes, coordination, and hand speed. They also put your arm strength to the test, since you can’t lower them at all during the workout.

You can buy these speed bags online. They aren’t very expensive either.

Buy Other Boxing Gear You Need

Punching bags aren’t the only thing you need to practice boxing. There is warm-up equipment, boxing gloves, supports, and whatnot. The first thing you need to invest in is boxing gloves. Get a pair of bag gloves, or training gloves, that you can practice with.

Buy yourself 160z training gloves to get the best weight and protection. 160z gloves are ideal for a home gym because they have added weight. These will prepare your arms for heavier gloves you will wear in the future.

It is also important to buy a pair of hand wraps for protection. Hand wraps are worn under the boxing gloves and are used to provide your hands and wrists with additional support. This support is crucial to make it through rigorous workouts. If you don’t wear hand wraps, you leave your hand vulnerable to injuries, like sprained wrists and fractures.

Buying a shelf or hooks to keep all this gear, is a very good idea when turning a garage into a boxing gym.

All You Need to Know About Extra Equipment
Equipment you need Why?
160z Boxing gloves
  • Protection for the hands
  • The added weight helps train for heavier gloves
  • Helps land good punches
Hand wraps
  • Provides support to the knuckles and wrist
  • Helps protect against bruising and cuts
  • Prevents sprains and fractures
Skipping ropes
  • Helps warm-up before practice
  • Improves foot coordination which is important in boxing
A stopwatch or bell
  • Help keep track of training intervals
Double-end bags
  • Help improve hand and feet coordination
  • Speed, accuracy, and reflexes are also improved
  • These are worn by a supporting member
  • Unlike a heavy bag, these do not move back
  • Help train for hard punches


Turning your garage into a boxing gym is truly a big project. This is because it does not require minor changes rather the big changes are required to make it a success. Besides, this project is quite expensive as well for anybody. Make sure that you consider all the points which we have mentioned above so that you come up with an informed decision and make the right choices when turning the garage into a boxing gym.