Ideas for Turning Your Garage Into a Horse Tack Room

Garages are one place that everyone can utilize differently. Some may use it for making a music studio, while others would want to make it a yoga studio. A few even turn the garage into a home theatre. Nonetheless, if you live around the countryside, a horse tack room is something you could make out of your garage. It may sound like a difficult project but with the following ideas, you can easily streamline the project and get amazing benefits out of it. 

How to Make a Good Horse Tack Room?

Work to Prevent Humidity

A lot of horse riding equipment is made of leather. These include stirrups, saddles, bridles, and others. Moisture build-up in the tack room will cause damage to these pieces. Under extreme heat and dampness, leather is prone to developing mold. Preventing humidity is very important when turning your garage into a tack room. Add proper insulation, and weather stripping to keep your tack room at the right temperature. Doing all this is another very good method to keep out insects. 

Invest in a good dehumidifier, fan, and air conditioner to prevent moisture and heat buildup. However, if you live in freezing conditions, investing in a heating system is more appropriate. This is because there can be frozen leather cracks that become unusable. 

A good tack room will always have limited humidity for maximum safety of the equipment inside. 

Make Good Lighting a Priority

A garage can be a dark place. If it has lights, there aren’t usually a lot of them. However, good lighting is very important for any tack room. It lets you see where all your equipment is. Moreover, bright lights keep animals like rats, birds, and lizards from making their home in your tack room. Also, when you are oiling your saddle or working on your tools, you need good lighting. Find the best portable work lights for the garage.

Form a Plan for the Available Place

You need to come up with a plan that effectively utilizes your space. We recommend you take inventory of everything you need first. Then separate them into categories. For example, you could have riding gear like gloves, helmets, and saddles. On the other hand, you can have grooming supplies like shampoo. Knowing everything you have, will help you decide the type of storage you need. You can decide if you need hooks, bins, shelves, and more. We will further discuss the items a good break room should have. 

Once you have taken inventory of your items, arrange them according to the space, and how many times you’ll be using them. We recommend you keep grooming supplies near the door, as you will need them often.  Other things you use weekly or monthly can be placed in the front as well. However, things that come in use seasonally such as tool kits, should go towards the back of the room. 

Make a solid plan before you turn the garage into a horse tack room.

Make Use of the Wall

The walls are the best storage place in your tack room. They are perfect for hoisting saddles, bridles, and other such equipment. This will keep them safe from gathering dust on the floor, which will make them last longer. The polish will stay shiny, and the leather won’t be scratched.  Moreover, placing all this equipment on the wall will make space for you to keep other things on the floor. You can install hooks or invest in good-quality collapsible bridle racks. 

Invest in Storage Options

You need high-quality hooks for the walls. Make sure these are not only long-lasting but also don’t have any sharp ends. If the hook has a sharp end, it can scratch the leather. Rods, fixtures, and hangers are some other good options. For other small things, you can install a pegboard on the wall. 

Investing in good storage options is crucial when turning your garage into a tack room.  For other small things you need to hang, you can install a pegboard on the wall. Additionally, you need shelves to store your grooming supplies, horseshoe maintenance equipment, and other items. Having boxes, trunks, and other floor storage can help keep heavy equipment out of the way. 

Storage options will help you get the best out of a horse tack room in the garage. 

Store Smartly to Save Space

Keeping your items stored correctly can save you a lot of space. Use a vacuum to remove extra air from any bags. Air takes up a lot of extra space, which you can save by doing this. For bottles, arrange them side by side vertically.  Arrange things like clothes and blankets in little rolls, and place them standing upright. This will allow you to maximize the number of blankets you can keep. Also, you will not have to remove the top layers to get to the things at the bottom. 

Label All Your Storage

You need to clearly label all your boxes. This will make it easy for you to access all your equipment. Otherwise, you’ll need to open and check all the boxes yourself. Always label your boxes on the side, and not on the top. Labeling the sides will ensure you can see the tags even if you pile boxes on top of one another. Keeping all your stuff organized is something to take good care of when turning your garage into a tack room. 

Label all the storage to make sure your garage turns into a horse tack room properly.

Keep a Calendar in the Tack Room

A calendar is a necessity for any tack room. It helps you keep track of when you’ve administered your horses their medicine. You can also mark the dates when you start them on new diets, or when you need to take them for their vet appointment. 

A Mini Fridge, and a File Cabinet

You can buy a used mini fridge easily on the internet. A mini-fridge is important for safely storing animal medications. This is crucial in hot climates because the medication needs to be kept cool. 

A file cabinet is important for securely storing any documentation regarding your horse. These can be previous medical records, birth records, or other such files. Both these things are very important when organizing a tack room. 

A First Aid Kit

Horses are very active animals. This is why they need a lot of care too. Always be sure to keep a first aid kit at hand. Your first aid kit should include vet wrap, penicillin, aspirin, and band-aids. A pair of tweezers is another requirement. Tweezers are important for both you and the horse. Splinters are very common when riding. 

A good first aid kit is important for a tack room. 

Things a Good Tack Room Needs

  • Riding equipment. Saddles, bridles, stirrups, etc. Your riding gear also goes here. 
  • Grooming items like shampoo, brushes, scissors, etc. 
  • Horseshoe maintenance equipment
  • Saddle blankets and more. 
  • Leather maintenance equipment. This can include oils, polish, and other equipment.
  • A tool kit.
  • Medicine for the horses.
  • A first aid kit.

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The best part? You can add as many as you want in your saddle collection in the tack room because this one comes in about 8 different colors.

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Precision cutting is made possible with specific speeds. From the technical aspects, one might think that a beginner cannot use this horse clipper but this is not true. Since it comes with a low-speed setting, even amateurs can use it. The blade has superfine machinery as well which does not hurt the animal while trimming down the hair. 

One thing you should keep in mind while using this clipper is that you should not use it in one go constantly. Try taking breaks so that it does not heat up. Be sure to lubricate it every few months for long-lasting performance.

3. Horse Aid First Aid Kit

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A First Aid Kit is as equally important for horses or other animals as it is for humans. Getting the right first aid kit for horses can be incredibly difficult, mainly because there aren't many available in the market. In fact, even many vets do not know about the first aid kits of horses and ask you to make your own by individually purchasing all the required medicines and other equipment as well. While this may seem like a suitable idea, if you want to go for a convenient option delivered to your doorstep, this first aid kit for horses is what you need. 

It comes with all the medical essentials such as antiseptic ointment, cohesive wrap, tourniquet, saline, iodine pads, 3-ply towels, surgical scrub brush, syringe, hydrogen peroxide, vinyl gloves, gauze pads, cold pack, alcohol prep pads, and a thermometer as well. Whether you are traveling with the horse or just keeping it at the stable, this first aid kit will provide you with all essentials and becomes a suitable item for the tack room. The best part is that most vets have approved this first aid kit. It even comes with a bag to store it and a book to provide you guidelines regarding first aid of horses. 



Turning your garage into a horse tack room is not difficult as there are many possible ways to do so. Following the above-mentioned tips will help you turn a horse tack room into a garage in no time. Keep in mind that the products we mentioned are some of the best ones in their price range and technical aspects. Therefore, try them out as they could become a valuable addition to your tack room.