Ideas for Turning Your Garage into a Movie Theatre

Your garage space is a valuable asset and if you are not using it in any way, you are definitely wasting it. While many people use their garages for cars, you can use them for other purposes too. Some people even make their offices in their garages. However, they can also be used for recreational purposes, such as turning them into a movie theatre. Here are a few ways to turn your garage into a movie theatre.

What to Consider to Turn a Garage into a Movie Theatre? 

Space-to-People Ratio

One of the most important things to evaluate when turning the garage into a movie theatre is to evaluate how many people you are planning to make the movie theatre for. If there are 3 to 4 people, you won’t be requiring much space, but if you are planning to accommodate 7 or more persons, the space could become a major thing to consider when making a movie theatre. 

When you get the recliner comfortable seats installed in a garage, they will take quite a big space too. At the very minimum, expect that 1.5 foot by 1.5 foot is taken up by a reclining chair. Besides, you would need to arrange space to move around as well as space for having extras as well. This could include a mini-fridge that has drinks, or a shelf that could be having snacks like biscuits and chips. 

Evaluate the space-to-people ratio before trying to set up a movie theatre. Depending upon the width and length of your garage, you might get lucky and be able to accommodate more people easily. 

Evaluate the space to people ratio before beginning the project

Install Theatre Lights

Cinemas and theatres have specific lighting installed all over the hall. This lighting gets dim when the movie starts and gets brightened up during intervals and breaks. Besides, there is colorful lighting as well. While many of you might just feel like going simple and using a tube light while switching it on and off to adjust the lighting, it does not give the true feel of a movie theatre. Therefore, it is our recommendation to get the specific theatre lights installed.

Many of these can be adjusted by the remote as well and come in multi-colored versions too. This could significantly enhance your viewing experience as well. For example, in case a horror movie is being played, the LED strip lights could be turned red which would give a spooky touch to the movie. Similarly, if an action movie is being played, blue lights could work very well. It all depends on personal preferences.

Theatre lights are a must

The Extras 

When turning your garage into a movie theatre, you don’t only need to consider the essentials as the extras are equally important. There needs to be a table, a dustbin, snack bar, and even a mini-fridge too. Some people may want to avoid the mini-fridge as this costs you extra plus it will be an extra utility bill too. Therefore, you can simply get a table, dustbin, and snack bar. Drinks could be brought in from your house fridge at any time. 

The snack bar should be having snacks that would suit everyone. For example, if you like spicy chips, don’t just keep the spicy chips only because someone else may not have the same preference. Always keep a variety of items. Make sure to have those items which have a long expiry date as well so you don’t have to worry about checking the expiry date every now and then. Also, make sure that you have 3D glasses to view the 3D movies properly. 

Evaluating Wiring Requirements

A major hurdle that many face when going for garage projects is that garages don’t usually have a lot of electrical outlets. There is a limited power supply over here which might hinder your project. However, there are two ways to overcome this issue. 

Firstly, you can have an extension lead purchased which will allow you to power up multiple electronic equipments. Secondly, you can call in an electrician who could provide a suitable wiring solution. You can even ask the electrician to make sure that the wires are not seen and he will use a cord cover to do the wiring and still make it look neat and presentable. 

Try that your wiring in the garage theatre does not show

Sound Quality and Sound Proofing

Since you are making a movie theatre, the sound should be equally good too. Of course, matching precisely is very difficult but you can still go to a great extent to make sure that the sound quality is outstanding. Instead of getting standing speakers, we recommend that you get speakers that can be installed on the walls. The surround sound speaker system is the best choice for a garage theatre. Make sure that the speakers you are getting are of utmost quality and offer the perfect balance between bass and treble. 

However, just the speakers are not enough. In fact, if you don’t make the garage soundproof, you might get into trouble as well. This is because home theatres can be loud which might disturb the neighbors as well. Most of us watch movies at night time and having loud noise coming from a neighbor’s garage could be quite disturbing. Besides, the internal sound would also be way better once you have soundproofing done. There are specific soundproofing sheets and tiles which you can install in the garage theatre easily. 

Surround sound system

Choosing Between Projector and LCD Screen

When creating a garage theatre, the viewing experience needs to be good enough too. There are two ways in which you can watch the movies. Firstly, a projector can be installed which will project the movie on a plain white sheet or even, the wall. If you have a proper reflection sheet installed, you will not have to compromise on the video quality. However, if the projector is too basic, and the sheet isn’t the right one, the video will be quite odd. At the maximum, you can get an HD Video Display on a projected screen. 

On the other hand, an LCD or LED display screen is also an option you can consider. However, since you are making a movie theatre, the size of this screen has to be significantly high. Therefore, it will cost you way higher when compared with a projector. We recommend buying an LED or LCD that has a display of at least 80 inches (the higher, the better). 

Invest in a good LED display or a projector screen

Here is a table to evaluate the differences between the two options. 

Projector Screen

LED Display

Price Range




A cheap solution to movie theatres

Replacement is easy

HD Display

Provides Ultra High Definition Picture Quality

Preset Always

Movies can be streamed directly via Netflix


Initial setup is time taking

Picture quality isn't better than an LED Display



Requirements for a Garage Movie Theatre

Here are a few essentials that would help you turn the garage into a movie theatre. 

Where to Buy
Samsung | 85” | AU8000 | Crystal UHD | Smart TV
Samsung HW-T650 Acoustic Beam T Series Soundbar with Samsung SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker System
TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen
Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating
48 Pack Acoustic Foam Panel Wedge Studio Soundproofing Wall Tiles

1. Samsung | 85” | AU8000 | Crystal UHD | Smart TV

Best Smart TV for Garage Movie Theatres

If you are not interested in getting a projector screen display and want to go for the best possible option, this Smart TV by Samsung should be your ultimate blind buy. This 85-inch Smart TV is an excellent choice both in terms of size and screen display. This is because it displays the picture on a 4K Ultra High Definition display. You will always get to see the true-to-life colors in a high resolution that will make your garage theatre no less than a real one. 

Besides, it is a Smart TV so you can connect all your social apps including Netflix, and stream right away. People who are fans of gaming would also be able to enjoy console gaming on this large crystal clear screen. At one instance, a maximum of 3 devices can be connected via the HDMI Port which is more than enough.

On, there are two options to buy from one of which is with the wall mount and the other one does not have a wall mount. It is our recommendation to get the wall mount with the package so that there are no risks associated with a substandard mount later on. 


  • Smart TV Comes with Voice Assistant

  • Best picture quality with high definition videos


  • One of the most expensive items in a garage movie theatre

2. Samsung HW-T650 Acoustic Beam T Series Soundbar with Samsung SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker System

Best surround sound system for garage theatre

If you don't want a compromise on the sound quality and want to get the best experience right from your garage, you should go for this speaker set which is precisely made to provide a powerful 3D Surround Sound. The package contents include a soundbar along with a speaker system which allows you to have the voice coming from different directions appropriately, thereby making a great sound system for home theatres. 

The bar can be mounted on a wall as well. Besides, there is a centralized speaker system management as well which provides crystal clear sounds no matter if it is bass, treble, or even the dialogues being spoken by the actors. Users who tried out this surround sound system were highly satisfied. It truly gives you the experience of being inside the scene. 


  • Unbeatable in terms of quality

  • Provides a suitable sound according to the conditions

  • Sound adjustment possible

  • Compatible with Samsung Sound+


  • Expensive than other surround sound systems

3. TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen

Best Projector and Screen Bundle for Home Theatre

If you don't have a high budget to set up the garage theatre, a good, and sometimes even better, the alternative is to have a projector and projector screen. The projector screens are way bigger than an LED but cost you 15 times lower. This projector bundle is the best buy in terms of quality and value of money because the projector screen is included with the projector. 

The screen is 100 inches which is significantly bigger than the LED option given above. Besides, you can get a 120 inches screen as well if you like. There isn't any compromise on the picture quality and you will be viewing it all in a Full HD Display as the resolution is 1280p x 720p. The projector can project it on up to 220 inches of screen. It's surely going to last for years because the lamp life is about 60,000 hours. Even if it was 40,000, it's still not a bad buy. 

Extra options are also offered such as connectivity via HDMI, Jacks for Headphones, and others. You can easily get your Netflix or gaming console connected with it too. If you don't want to spend too much in the garage theatre, this is the most suitable projector screen bundle option. 


  • Over 6000 satisfied customers

  • Long-lasting and durable product

  • Provides a fine quality display


  • Requires completely dark surroundings for the best experience

4. Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Best seats for garage theatre

Now, most of you might be thinking if the specific recliner seats are essential for a home theatre or not. For one, they are not extremely essential and many people can simply set up sofas. However, for a true movie night experience, the home theatre seating is something that would bring up the standards and help you enjoy the movie just as if you were in an actual theatre. No compromises!

This home theatre seating setup becomes the perfect choice because it has no negative customer reviews! All those who bought it were highly satisfied with it as well. It is made from the most premium quality of Italian Leather that is not only relaxing but also highly durable. There are specific electrical systems along with a control panel that allows you for comfortable control right from the chair. There is lighting installed in this seating system as well while the powered lumbar and headrest function could help you relieve the stress for a tough day. 

The chairs also have hidden storage among them as seen in the picture. This package comes with 3 chairs. 


  • Fully Powered

  • Maximum Convenience

  • No negative customer reviews

  • Ample storage


  • Quite expensive compared to a sofa set

5. 48 Pack Acoustic Foam Panel Wedge Studio Soundproofing Wall Tiles

Best soundproofing system for garage theatres

Now that you are ready with your sound system as well as the viewing system, it is now time to get the soundproofing done for your garage. To make the garage soundproof, you need tiles such as these that bounce back the sound and do not let it pass through them. Therefore, even when you are listening on high volumes, it won't be inconvenient for someone outside the garage. 

It will enhance the sound experience as well because it eliminates all echoes and provides noise cancellation support. You can easily install them at home and there is no need for any professional to help you out. You should get as many packs as are suitable for your garage. One pack contains 48 tiles with measurements of 12 by 12 by 1 inch.


  • Perfect solution for soundproofing

  • Multiple color choices are available

  • Amazon’s Choice product


  • Requires some maintenance


  Samsung | 85” | AU8000 | Crystal UHD | Smart TVSamsung HW-T650 Acoustic Beam T Series Soundbar with Samsung SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker SystemTMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector ScreenValencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating48 Pack Acoustic Foam Panel Wedge Studio Soundproofing Wall Tiles
UsageMain Screen required for home theatreProvide realistic sound just as it comes in a theatreMain Screen required for home theatreSeats  required for home theatreTo keep the sound inside the garage
Price PointHighHighLowVery HighLow
QualityVery HighVery HighMediumVery HighMedium
Customer ResponsesHighly satisfied customersHighly satisfied customersA cheap and convenient substitute for a LED ScreenNo negative responseIssues highlighted related to maintenance


Turning your garage into a movie theatre may seem like a tough job but in reality, it isn’t one. The basic thing you need to have is a significant amount of budget if you want to set up the perfect theatre at your garage. In case you don’t have that much amount, you can simply have the alternatives but they won’t give you the perfect experience.