Outdoor TV 55″ Fully Weatherproof Ultra HD 4K Smart All Weather LED Television – by Sealoc


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Product description


  • 55″ LG 4K Smart TV converted for outdoor use.
  • Sealoc outdoor TV’s can be wall-mounted.
  • Mounting this outdoor tv in direct sunlight or exposing it to harsh, salty ocean air is no problem.
  • With this Sealoc outdoor, weatherproof TV, your favorite content can be enjoyed with brilliant, rich colors, and high refresh rates.


  • Sealoc Series – experience the best viewing experience outdoors in fully shaded areas like patios and in-screen porches.
  • Outdoor Viewing Perfection – our premium 4K Ultra HD high-brightness screen with direct LED backlight is up to 30% brighter than typical indoor televisions.
  •  Weatherproof Inside and Out – Internal electronic components are treated with Sealoc’s Nano-Coating Patented Technology to ensure protection against rain, snow, dust, humidity and corrosion.
  • The exterior is fully sealed and the robust design is built to last!
  • Extreme Temperature Functionality – Sealoc Series can perform in a temperature range of -24 to 104°F


  • No longer do you have to place your TV inside of a big, bulky enclosed box.
  • This outdoor TV is made weatherproof inside and out.
  • Sealoc’s exclusive nano-coating formula and process have been through rigorous testing both by Sealoc and 3rd party testing to ensure it meets the most demanding requirements.
  • Sealoc’s formula and process meets IP67 and IP68 dust and waterproofing requirments.


  •  Screen: 55-inch Diagonal Color Active Matrix TFT LED
  •  Resolution: 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • VESA Mounting Pattern: 400mm x 400mm
  •  TV Dimensions: 48.2” W x 2.2 “ H x 28.46” D
  •  Accessories Included: Remote Control
  •  Speakers: 20 WATT (10W x 2) internal speakers
  •  TV Weight: 39.2 lbs (23.1 kg)