Prolux Wet Dry Garage shop Vacuum with Attachments, Shampooer, Sprayer, Blower, Wet Dry Pickup

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0/5 on March 20, 2018

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Product Description

Prolux Wet Dry Garage shop Vacuum

  • The Prolux Garage Vac has a 12 amp motor that offers 160+ CFM.
  • Indicator panel that tells you when the dust bin is full and when the water capacity has reached max level.
  • Featuresa blower adapter which allows you to connect your hose to the exhaust port. This is convenient for inflating and car detailing.
  • Large durable latches are easy to use adn can carry large loads.
  • Large capacity dust bin so you dont have to empty often.
  • View window on the dust bin so you know when to empty.
  • 30 foot durable crushproof hose for huge cleaning radius.
  • Includes a tool for nearly any job.
  • 4 detailing tools to both vacuum and blow dust and debris out of tiny nooks and crannies.
  • Mini Turbo with geared belt and  spinning brush roll beats dust out and pulls hair out of carpets with ease.
  • Squeegee tool for removing water off of hard floor surfaces and shampoo extractor tool for use on wet and dry upholstery.
  • Handheld shampooer is perfect for helping to remove tough stains.
  • Duster brush with soft enough bristles to be used on any surface.
  • Cloth caddy to carry and keep all tools organized.