Shop Bot Brings CNC Machines to Your Garage

ShopBot is at the forefront of CNC machine development. ShopBot makes it possible for everyone to own CNC tools, though this was impossible before its birth. ShopBot makes high-quality CNC tools for individual users at an affordable price. Even they help to make customized CNC machine.  

What is ShopBot?

ShopBot is a digital fabrication tools manufacturing company. It was built by Ted Hall to provide people with affordable CNC tools, which was difficult to access by the individual person. The primary goal of the ShopBot was to provide CNC tools to people like Ted hall who like to build things in their sphere times. But now, the user base of ShopBoat tools expanded so much that every type of person uses their tools, from hobbyists to woodworkers. 

ShopBot adds an extra flavor to the traditional CNC tools. The founder, Ted Hall, positioned itself as the pioneer of CNC tools development. After forming this company, he is delivering promising development for CNC tools. And he also believes that he will further develop and make CNC tools like normal woodworking tools so that anyone can use CNC tools in their need. 

Background of ShopBot  

One day Neurobiologist Ted Hall was working in his lab to build his boat. While building his boat, he developed crude DOS software to help himself guide his form making. He felt that he would need something more sophisticated if he wants to create precise from every time. 

That time he knows that there were CNC tools that can help him accomplish his work, but he was frustrated. Because of the high price and accessibility. Even for him accessing less expensive cnc machining china tools was not possible. So, he started selling plans online. After that, people were asking him to sent kits, and he began building kits. Lastly, people were asking him to send them fully assembled pieces, which then became the ShopBoat. 

Difference between ShopBot and traditional CNC machine

As Ted Hall built ShopBot tools to meet the demand of individual people who can’t afford ultra-expensive traditional CNC tools, the difference between them exists. 

So, let’s talk about some major differences between ShopBot tools and traditional CNC machines. 

Traditional CNC machines are very expensive. It is almost impossible for individual people to buy one. Because no one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, on the other hand, ShopBot tools are within individual peoples’ capacity. Anyone can buy ShopBot CNC tools for as little as $5000. 

In terms of accessibility for the individual person, it is tough to access traditional CNC tools. But as far as ShopBot tools are concerned, anyone can access it. 

Individual people can’t order custom CNC tools, but for ShopBot tools, it is very much possible. 

Some popular tools by ShopBot

Now, ShopBot offers a wide range of tools. You can choose any tools according to your needs. Let’s check out some popular CNC tools by ShopBot;

  • ShopBot 5-Axis

The ShopBot 5-Axis is a CNC router. It has multi-axes capability. This CNC router allows you to perform cutting, drilling, trimming, etc. The best thing about this router is it can access material from every angle. 

  • ShopBot PRSalpha  

It is another great tool from ShopBot. If you are searching for a CNC solution for production that offers higher efficiency, high performance, reliability, and speed, then this machine is the answer for you. 

  • ShopBot Buddy

It is yet another great tool from ShopBot. Are you looking for an affordable and compact CNC solution? Which can deliver full production performance for digital fabrication, then this is the right choice for you? It is small in size. Thus it will easily fit in your production line. 

  • ShopBot Desktop MAX

If impressive precision and the capability of machining a wide range of materials is your demand from a CNC machine, then this is the perfect tool for you. You won’t go wrong if you choose this tool. 

Last words

ShopBot played a crucial role in developing personal CNC tools. You can’t ignore their achievement in the field of digital fabrications. The ShopBot is the reason you can own a CNC tool. If you’re looking to add a CNC tool in your garage, then ShopBot is the only answer for you.