The Best Extension Cords for Any Garage

An extension cord with a power strip

An extension cord usually consists of insulated wire, a plug, and some sockets at one end. This is a convenient and safe way to utilize limited power outlets. You can use these cords to connect power tools, appliances, or anything other electric device required when you’re working in your garage. Why Do … Read more

Ways to Wrap Extension Cords for Storage

an image of extension cords and safety tools

It can be tempting to gather up your extension cord and toss it away after you are done with it,to deal with it when you next need it. However, it is always a good idea to properly wrap the extension cord before storing it. In this way, when you take it out … Read more

The Guide to Organizing Extension Cords of Your Garage

organizing extension cords

The garage is more than just a place to park your car. It has also become a mini-workshop where you would fix your vehicle, tinker a broken toaster, do some arts and crafts, or install an overhead shelf in your garage. These types of jobs often involve the use of power tools. … Read more