Using a Utility Cart in Your Garage Can Be Helpful

Garages are useful spaces in the home, but they’re also one of the most clutter-prone areas. Most of us store our tools, equipment, bicycles, and unwanted stuff in the garage. Some people might have boxes of their old photographs in there, along with the holiday decorations that only get used once a … Read more

The Most Common Garage Bugs You May Find

A workshop setup in a garage

When someone has bugs in their house, they will probably feel creeped out and take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. Having bugs in the garden , on the other hand, is considered to be more natural and less problematic unless they’re outright pests that can threaten the … Read more

How to insulate your garage for a home office

How to insulate your garage for a home office

With many more people working from home, times are changing fast. People are embracing the opportunity to create an office space, that they love, in their very own home. A popular option is to create an office space in a garage, particularly if it’s generally where unused items get ‘chucked’ and left … Read more

Ideas for Turning Your Garage into a Yoga Studio

A yoga studio

A garage is a useful addition to any home, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for just one purpose. Traditionally, garages are thought of as places where we keep our vehicles when they’re not in use. However, many people are already using their garages for several different purposes. What Can … Read more

Securing Your Garage Door From The Inside

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With the increasing numbers of thefts and break-ins reported in the recent years, it is the need of the hour to keep our garage doors safe and secured.  Through the data extracted from various security agencies, it is quite evident that the garage doors are one of the most favourite entry points … Read more

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Lock

A picture of an old car parked on a driveway leading up to a double-door garage.

If you love your garage as much as we think you do (you must be on this site for a reason, right?) then there is no question that the thought of someone breaking into it has at least crossed your mind at some point. Be it the project that you’re working on … Read more

Garage Door Locks: Manual vs. Automatic

closed red garage door

Choosing the type of gate lock that will accompany your garage can either be a very quick and easy decision, or a slightly more difficult one depending on what you’re looking for. For most people, going for an automatic garage door lock might be a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t be that quick … Read more

How to Keep Intruders Out of Your Garage

An image of an open garage door housing tools and a blue Chevrolet Camaro.

Much like your house, you absolutely do not want intruders getting into your garage. Your garage can be one of many different things; a game room, a movie room, a game room, a workshop where you work on projects dearest to you, or actually a garage that houses your precious car. None … Read more

When should you move business out of the garage into an office?

When should you move business out of te garage into an office

It is no news in the business world that the now-famous technology company HP – Hewlett Packard once started in a garage. The two college friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, started their dream business quietly working away in the tiny building where Packard lived. The company now has a net worth … Read more

Shop Bot Brings CNC Machines to Your Garage

ShopBot Brings CNC Machines to Your Garage

ShopBot is at the forefront of CNC machine development. ShopBot makes it possible for everyone to own CNC tools, though this was impossible before its birth. ShopBot makes high-quality CNC tools for individual users at an affordable price. Even they help to make customized CNC machine.   What is ShopBot? ShopBot is a … Read more

How to keep your garage property safe and clean in 2021

How to keep your garage property safe and clean in 2020

A garage speaks of a workbench with instruments holding tight the divider in a home garage, when contemplating the greatest dangers to your house, it’s barely noticeable your garage. Be that as it may, with hazardous synthetics, a high potential for break-ins, and controlled hardware, your garage effectively turns into a shrouded … Read more

Fun Projects You Can Do in Your Garage

A car parked outside a garage.

For some people, their garage is to them what a basement is to others. Individuals who would rather work on whatever they’re passionate about with a full view of their neighborhood rather than behind closed walls often take to their garages when they want some space to work on projects and other … Read more

What You Need to Know About Garage Air Conditioners

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Transforming your garage into a workspace can prove difficult, especially during summer. For instance, the stifling hot air inside makes the heat unbearable, even with a fan running. So how can your garage become a workspace without causing heat stroke? One viable solution is to use a garage air conditioner. However, it’s … Read more

Ideas and Tips for Refurbishing a Garage

Ideas and Tips for Refurbishing a Garage

Would you like to make your old garage look new again? Do you want to add value to your garage? If so, you need to think about refurbishing a garage.    Bear in mind that your garage can be remodeled in a number of different ways. During the renovation, you need to … Read more