Fixing An Off-Track Garage Door

A half-opened the garage door

Garage doors function on a system of switches, tracks, and rollers. They are heavy doors that take a bit of force to raise and lower them. Also, they receive quite a bit of use like the day in and day out. The garage door comes off the track due to a lot … Read more

Must Have Tools for Your Garage

Garage tools

More than being a parking space at home, the garage is commonly a place where we spend our time fixing our vehicles and doing other projects. If you’re a handyman, it’s likely that you already have some of the basic tools in your garage. Basic garage tools can include a few screwdrivers, … Read more

Tools Every Garage Should Have

Hand tools

More than a house for your vehicles, a garage is where you store important tools for jobs beyond household work. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a repair master of the house, most probably you also want to turn your garage into a workstation. If so, you need tools and equipment geared … Read more

Using Pegboard for Garage Organization

Most of us use the garage as a space to work on our hobbies and to store equipment as well. All of the extra clutter in our home can be found in our garages. But isn’t it more inspiring to work in an organized garage? Organizing the things that we store in … Read more