The Guide to Organizing Extension Cords of Your Garage

The garage is more than just a place to park your car. It has also become a mini-workshop where you would fix your vehicle, tinker a broken toaster, do some arts and crafts, or install an overhead shelf in your garage. These types of jobs often involve the use of power tools. If you have to repair hard-to-reach parts of your car or if you’re working away from the power source, you need extension cords to solve the problem.

However, there are times when some people wouldn’t bother to organize their garage because they often think it is a dreary, thankless task. Besides, who would want to visit a garage?

For example, people would just fling the extension cords onto the garage floor and leave them there. Worse, some would leave the cables still plugged into the power source. They would put off organizing them, thinking that they can do that tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next, next, day. Or perhaps, next week?

However, a garage full of clutter is indeed an unpleasant sight. But not just that – it can also become a cause of accidents. You can prevent them by organizing everything that has become a mess in your garage, including tangled extension cords.

These appropriate, but smart (and even fun), ways to organize extension cords can avoid power cord-related accidents such as tripping hazards, sparks, and fires. Doing these things will help you maintain your garage as a safe place to park your car or do other tasks. Plus, organizing extension cords will also allow you to have easy access to them when the need arises. First things first, though – you have to untangle those knotted cords carefully.

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1) Use toilet paper rolls

This method encourages the use of everyday household items – in this case, an item that is about to be discarded. But don’t throw away those used toilet paper rolls! You can give them a “second life” by turning them into dispensers where you can easily and safely store extension power cords. You can be creative by painting these used paper rolls with attractive colors and putting them with labels so that you can easily see them and prevent them from getting misplaced.

2) Heavy-duty hooks

You can turn any unused wall of your garage as an extra nook for your extension cords to hang – by using hooks! Buy these hooks which you can place on any unused walls of your garage, your workshop, or on garage shelves and racks for extra storage space.

For durability and longer-lasting use, it is preferable to use heavy-duty garage hooks. Some extension cords are long and pretty thick; they can be cumbersome when neatly bundled up. Large and heavy-duty hooks can hold the cords much better compared to inferior hooks. You may also want to hang some of the other tools for easy storage and access. Because, let’s face it – “out of sight, out of mind.”

You can also print out labels and put them on top of each hook to help you determine which appliance or device it is assigned to.

3) Use a cord or cable management sleeve

Instead of Velcro, you can use cord or cable management sleeve to neatly gather one or more cords when even when they’re in use – all at the same time. This cable storage system consists of zippers to seal itself around cords. It is typically made of flexible and form-fitting neoprene material with a zipper. This feature allows you to fit in as many extension cords as you can. They conceal unsightly cords while providing you easy access to them.

With this cord or cable management sleeve, you won’t see an array of unsightly cables getting tangled or lying on top of the other.

4) Use Ziploc bags

Plastic wares are a good idea, but they can take up a lot of space on your shelves and cabinets. Instead, use Ziploc bags to store your extension cords. They can help save space on your shelves and drawers. Another great thing about using these bags is that you can put them with labels, where you can mark notes such as the length and the thickness of the cord, the number of sockets, and the voltage it can safely accommodate, etc.

5) Use extension cord organizers

No matter how long or heavy your extension cords are, these extension cord organizers can keep them neat and organized without giving in. These small straps are otherwise heavy-duty – they are made with high-density super-sturdy and weather-resistant nylon material and Velcro, which can hold up to about 50 lbs (or 22 kgs) of the load. Plus, they have robust hanger buckles with big holes for easy carrying, and for hanging onto garage wall hooks for storage and organizing.

Depending on the length or thickness of the cords, these extension cord organizers can be adjusted to accommodate their size and weight.  Other options include:

6) CopperPeak 50 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Avoid tripping hazards and damaged cords lying on the floor by using the retractable extension cord real from CopperPeak! It also allows you to adjust the preferred length of the cord so that you can work safely without the snags brought by long, tangled cords. Its 180-degree swivel feature allows you to easily pull and release the cord from different directions. You can mount this reel on the wall, or on the ceiling

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7) Wall-Mounted Extension Cord Winder Organizer

The company Chromex introduces this wall-mounted extension cord winder organizer as a smart way to keep your extension cords organized and enable you to work without the annoying tangled cords. With the winder feature, it keeps your workplace safe from any cord-related hazards. You can quickly add or remove the winder from the fixed or swivel mount. With just a little effort, you can easily take the cord winder to another location.

8) Masterplug 80ft Open Cord Reel

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing tangled cords, much more accidentally tripping on them. Good thing Masterplug’s portable open cable extension reel lead helps in preventing such hazards, allowing you to work in your garage safely. It is lightweight, but sturdy. It features two shuttered sockets, a LED indicator, a couple of USB charging ports, and a built-in power switch. To prevent the reel from overloading when completely reeled, it has the safety thermal cut-out.

9) LuBanSir Portable Extension Cord and Organizer

Isn’t it exasperating when you have to lug around a load of bundled extension cord with your bare hands? Well, not anymore with the LuBanSir portable extension cord and organizer! It may only be a small strap or a piece of cloth, but this durable strap can hold up to 50 lbs (22 kgs) of bundled extension cord. It also has a strong and ample handle for carrying and hanging, making transportation and storage quick and easy.

10) Super-Stretch Wrap-It Storage Straps

Cinching extension long and bulky cords is quite a struggle, but it will now become a breeze with Super-Stretch Wrap-It Storage Straps. It is constructed of elastic hook and loop which allows you to tightly wrap and secure the extension cord and bundle it neatly.

These straps are super-versatile, it can organize other items such as hoses, cables, ropes, mats, and a lot more!

11) Extra storage idea – use colored masking tapes

These colored masking tapes are a good idea as labels for different types of extension cords. By “color-coding” these cords, you can easily identify which type of extension cord you are going to use for a specific task. They also help in preventing misplacement.