The Ultimate Guide to Garage Utility Carts

A garage is a place not just to park your vehicle or to store things. Nowadays, there are many things you can do inside your garage. It can be a dedicated workspace to do your craft, hobby, or repairs.

While working in your garage, you tend to go back and forth to your tools box or cabinet to get those tools or small parts that they use. You would end up tired of lugging a massive tool chest.

You don’t have to do all the crazy running when you have a garage utility cart on hand, which carries all the things you need.
A utility cart should be of high quality to serve your needs longer. It comes in a vast range of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices that will appeal to all buyers with varying needs and budgets. But all utility carts deliver the same basic purpose – to move items from one place to another with much less difficulty. A garage utility cart usually contains tools or car parts that you are taking from a toolbox or closet and bringing them closer to something that you are working on.

As for folding utility carts, the shelves are typically removable in order for an entire grouping of supplies to be delivered from one location to another.

Like many types of storage, a garage utility cart allows you to easily find the items you are looking for. Just put them on the cart, and roll the cart to where you need it.

Despite being called “garage utility carts,” these carts are versatile and can be used anywhere else, for whatever purpose. You can use these rolling carts in school settings, for gardening, in the office, in medical or industrial environments. It can also be used for serving food and beverages.

How to look for a garage utility cart

To look for a garage utility cart, it should have durable and high-quality casters, so you won’t need to worry if it carries a lot more weight than usual.

Of course, the body and frame should also be sturdy and durable. For the best performance, you should choose heavy-duty steel over plastic. While some utility carts consist of only shelves, other styles feature cabinets and/or drawers, and other receptacles. However, they are all equally capable of storing and transporting your tools and other garage essentials.

There are many different kinds of garage utility carts that you can find

There is not only one type of garage utility cart but a lot of them. As said before, all garage utility carts deliver the same primary purpose – only they differ on features. Their versatility and usefulness allow them to be used in environments other than the garage.

Where to Buy
Crayata Multi-Purpose Utility, Serving and Kitchen Food Service Cart
Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty 2- Shelf Utility Cart
Displays2go Heavy Duty Utility Cart with (2) Rubbish Bins
Cosco Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart
Luxor 42" Tuffy A/V Cart with 3 Purple Shelf Cabinet Drawer and Black Legs
A multi-purpose distribution cart

1. A three-shelf rolling cart

A three-shelf rolling cart is one of the most common variants of a utility cart, where you can temporarily place your tools and equipment while you are working on something. Usually, three-shelf rolling carts have handles on both sides of the top shelf, which means that you can go both ways when you have to. This affords ease of movement and maneuverability.

Like many types of rolling carts, three-shelf rolling carts have varying degrees of weight capacity. This utility cart from Crayata has a 400-pound capacity, which allows you to carry as many items as you can at one time.

This cart is easy to assemble, but it is guaranteed to be firm and sturdy. The durable aluminum legs work with four-inch wheels to provide stability and strength that you need as you use the cart. The one-inch lip on three sides of each shelf holds all the items in place, preventing them from falling.A two-shelf utility cart.

2. A two-shelf utility cart

A two-shelf utility cart is also one of the most common types of garage utility cart. It usually has one handle to push or pull the cart.

Rubbermaid’s two-shelf utility cart is made of durable structural foam that is guaranteed not to chip, dent, rust or leak. Both top and bottom shelves are lipped to keep the items in place, preventing them from slipping or falling. The large top shelf features a deep pocket to keep the items secured during transport. The bottom shelf has enough space to accommodate larger boxes, or stacks of boxes or plastic ware containing tools, or other bulky equipment.

The five-inch swivel casters and an ergonomic handle make this cart easy to move and maneuver.

3. A utility cart with two receptacles

When you need to store and transport tools – and discard something else at the same time – you can never go wrong with this type of cart.

This utility cart from Displays2go has three shelves, just like any other utility cart. But the shelves have covered sides to ensure that the items won’t fall as you transport them. The shelves themselves are textured to keep the items in place as you push the cart through the room.

Another standout feature of this utility cart is the two receptacles on the sides. You can use either or both of these receptacles as garbage bins, or as extra holders for other tools.

4. A folding or collapsible cart

Another option that you should consider is a folding utility cart. Its most significant advantage is that it can be folded and stored when you do not use it.

This two-shelf, two-handle folding utility cart from Costco is super-versatile. It can be used indoors or outdoors, which allows you to take it out of the garage when you need to do repairs on your vehicle (or repairs on your lawnmower) under brighter conditions. If you do a lot of gardening work, this is going to be your ideal utility cart.

Two of this cart’s four durable casters can be locked so that you can keep it stationary for a time. This cart requires no assembly and is easy to pack and unpack within a matter of minutes. It can carry up to 75 lbs of load, thanks to its quality materials and sturdy structure. Plus, there are five colors to choose from: Apple Green, Brown, Ruby Red, Silver, and Teal.

5. A multi-purpose utility cart

If you do a variety of jobs in the garage, or if you are looking for extra storage, a multi-purpose utility cart should be up your alley! This type of utility cart offers additional storage, organization and placement options, apart from the standard shelves feature.

Luxor is one of the brands to trust when it comes to utility carts. Their “Tuffy” series of easy-to-assemble utility carts is made of high-quality thermoplastic resin, and the ribbing underneath each shelf offers extra durability. Each of these carts can carry up to 300 lbs of load, but the durable locking casters and the ergonomic push handle allow easy, no-sweat transport.

Also included in Luxor’s “Tuffy” series is a utility cart with two shelves, plus a locking steel cabinet with a recessed handle to keep your most important tools secured.

Luxor’s “Tuffy” series also includes other features to add to its utility carts, such as front and side pullout shelves and a locking steel drawer.

6. A multi-purpose distribution cart

A multi-purpose distribution cart is a mobile storage unit that allows you to store and transport as many items as you need.

This five-foot-tall multi-purpose distribution cart from Innovative Products Unlimited has six large, transparent, non-locking supply drawers, supported by a sturdy frame and large three-inch casters for easy, quick and smooth transport within your garage or any other workplace.

The see-through drawers allow you to have a clear view of what’s inside without opening them. The five-year warranty ensures its quality and top performance.