Tips for Utilizing Your Garage Door for Storage

The largest storage area of the garage is the area itself where you park your vehicle (or vehicles). Once you put your car, however, there would be little space left in your garage. Or when your garage gets quite cluttered (which usually happens), there’s only a little space left for your car!

If you are trying to keep your garage organized but struggling to do so, there’s still hope! You can still maximize whatever space is left of your garage  including the unused space on your garage door. Yes, your garage door can “moonlight” as extra storage for your other essential tools  mechanical tools, gardening tools, sporting equipment, or fishing gear, etc.

The back or inside face of a garage door typically has slats, grooves and tubes, which provide an ideal way to hang equipment bags or install racks for extra storage.

The following lists smart space storage ideas using your garage door:

Where to Buy
Cobra Storage Web Equipment Bag
4th Wall Solutions Garage Door Storage Hooks Rack for Fishing Rods, Kayak Paddles, Garden Tools
Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack, 21 Inches
Storzem Garage Door Storage Net
Fleximounts 3x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack Heavy Duty, 96” Length x 36” Width x 40” Height (Black)


1. Cobra Storage Web Equipment Bag

This mesh equipment bag from Cobra is attached to any standard garage door with two hooks (which are included when you purchase the bag). With this web bag, now you can safely store your tools and have easy access to them when the need arises.

This web bag is ideal to use for garage doors with four to five panels. It measures 32” x 17” a good size and space to store all your important gear. With durable materials and design, it can hold up to ten pounds of equipment don’t worry, your garage won’t give in! You can attach it to any door panel. And one of the best things about this web bag is that it doesn’t interfere with the door operation.

2. 4th Wall Solutions Garage Door Storage Hooks Rack for Fishing Rods, Kayak Paddles, Garden Tools

The garage is probably the best area of the house where you can store your stuff away from the prying eyes of the outsiders. But without proper organization, it can be a big mess!

Fortunately, these storage hook racks from 4th Wall Solutions will end your storage headaches. You can install these hook racks on the back of your garage door. You can store your fishing rods, boat or kayak paddles, and some light garden tools such as shovels.

These racks are equipped with the company’s patented C-shaped hooks – no need to install rings, so no threading from the side, and they are much less likely to cause damage to rod eyelets. They hold and protect your fishing rods that other racks can’t. They also include brackets so that you can mount these racks on ceilings and walls, too, horizontally or vertically. Installation is quick, easy, and it requires no tools.

3. Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack, 21 Inches

Another way to use your garage door as extra storage space is these 21-inch door racks from Cobra Storage. Each of these racks has a revolutionary, patent-pending design that enables it to attach to your garage door quickly and easily.

Each rack is made of high-grade and extra-durable ABS plastic, which is strong enough to hold anything you can put in it. It stores and protects your gear from damage and makes them easily accessible every time you need them. It can be clamped to your garage door easily and quickly and without the need to use particular tools. You can also mount these racks on walls and ceilings. Custom spacers are available as well, for non-standard garage doors.

4. Storzem Garage Door Storage Net

Strozem Garage Door Storage Net allows you to create a comprehensive garage storage system so that you can keep and protect your tools, and have easy access to them.

The net hangs right on your garage door. Within seconds, you can have the storage net installed with its straps and hooks – no need for special tools! Each net measures 37” x 41”, comes with four hooks and four to 12-inch fastening straps. It fits most standard garage with universal hinges or hurricane beams. This very versatile storage net can be attached anywhere else – boats, golf carts, trailers, trucks, and even car trunks. With its durable but stretchable material, the net can expand up to 46 inches.

5. Fleximounts 3×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack Heavy Duty, 96” Length x 36” Width x 40” Height (Black)

For a truly storage-savvy garage, you may also want to utilize the ceiling at the garage doorway as an extra storage space. You can add shelves above the garage door, which is a great way to use an otherwise wasted space.

This overhead garage shelf has an integrated grid design for easier assembly. But despite its “flat-pack” factor when you buy it, assembly is otherwise quick and easy, and the shelf provides a stable and sturdy space to store your precious gear. With the correct assembly and installation, this overhead shelf can hold up to 500 pounds of load! All components (including the screws) have undergone strict durability and load tests to ensure that this shelf will last for a long time. The shelf’s height is adjustable from 22” to 40”. The shelf is universally compatible with various ceiling joists (wood joists and concrete ceilings only).