Xtreme Weather Guard Garage Door Threshold 9′ Kit


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Product description

Xtreme Weather Guard garage door threshold creates a tight seal between the bottom of your garage door and the concrete, closing any gaps left by uneven concrete, or the garage door rubber seal. It will block wind-driven rain, snow, dirt, sand, leaves and rodents out. Also helps reduce rust and moisture damage to tools and stored valuables and help reduce costly concrete repairs. With the tight seal your garage door threshold will give you, your garage temperatures will regulate which will help to reduce energy cost for those homes with attached garages.
Block rain, snow, dirt & small pest from entering Save money by reducing energy loss Resistant to gas, oil & antifreeze Safe for use on concrete, asphalt, painted or treated surfaces (peeling paint can cause adhesive issues) Easty, Do-It-Yourself Install Non toxic adhesive included With our garage door threshold kits you can create a better garage door bottom seal, which is the first step to make your door more energy efficient, in addition to helping keep out driven rain, excess water, pest, dust and pollen. The garage door threshold creates a seal that blocks out the elements by closing the gap between the door and the floor.
The tight seal keeps the inside of your garage clean despite the outside weather. Elite Xpressions LLC manufactures the Xtreme Weather Guard Garage Door Threshold. The threshold is made from Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride and has a feel of rubber, will not become brittle in temperatures up to -36 Degree F.