Is It Safe to Store Guns in an Attic?

Firearms are considered a major investment in one’s time, cash, and commitment. It only makes sense that we spend time and train with our favorite tools, to become the best and more alert version of ourselves. Resultantly, it also makes sense that we invest in storing our guns and ammo, to make them last our lifetime and for the next generations. 

Most of us have guns stored at home for practice, hunting, competition, and for many other reasons. If modern ammunition is stored properly, it can last for decades. Now there are a number of places to store your guns, but the one that’s most common among the masses is, called the attic. It is defined as a room or space inside or partly inside the roof of a building. Now lately, there have been a lot of suspicions about storing guns in the attic – whether it is safe or not! Let’s take a deeper look into it. 

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Is It Ok To Store Guns In An Attic? 


Storing guns in the attic is the most common method used by people, to keep their ammo safe. However, before we proceed, remember that there are two types of attics. 

1. The one that’s open to the outside air – bad storage space for guns, as they’ll deteriorate over time. 

2. Another type that’s closed to the outside air – ok to store the guns as long as humidity and temperature are maintained. 

Generally, an attic is subject to variations in humidity and temperature and even if it is well insulated, there is always a danger of firearms being damaged/adversely affected. Nonetheless, it remains the first choice of many people and honestly, it can be a decent storage idea; when you look out for the dangers and take proper precautions. You can store the ammunition in the attic – which is an OK option but still not the PERFECT one. Before storing guns in the attic, you need to be careful of many things, such as

  • Gunmetal must be coated in a preservative that won’t run off or drip. Cosmoline is one of the best. 
  • Don’t store the guns in thick cases, but breathable dust covers can suffice.
  • Plastic bags are also a decent option for storage, as long as they are coated with protection and a desiccant is included in the package. 
  • With proper handling/protection, you can leave guns in the attic for a while. Plywood and cardboard are bad, as they attract moisture and keep it close to the metal. However, if they’re oiled/protected and sealed in plastic, they can last a while. 
  • Extreme temperature swings are meant to cause rusting, so make sure to avoid that. 
  • The biggest enemy of the powder and primer compound is none other than heat. Therefore, when storing guns in the attic, make sure that the attic is out of the sun and is maintained at a household temperature or cooler. It should also go without saying that “keeping your powder dry” is critical.

A great source to review with regards to storing guns/ammunition and reloading components is the SAMMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) website. There are many rules that won’t only help you but also inform you about several practical ways to store the guns. These rules apply to both residential and commercial storage guidelines. Many reloading manuals also come with a separate section about safe storage practices. 

Suitable Temperature for Storing Guns in the Attic 


The optimal practice for storing guns in the attic is to lock them in a safe or cabinet. According to Doug Wicklund, a Senior Curator at National Rifle Association’s (NRA) National Firearms Museum, “the ideal year-round temperature to store firearms is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Humidity is 50% relative humidity”. For instance, you can store the guns in an unheated basement or garage with no AC, provided that the humidity is in control. This is when the gun safes come in handy, as they have humidity measures installed. To prevent moisture, you can also use a dehumidifier or put a gel desiccant inside a gun cabinet and install it in your garage, attic, or basement. 

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Prevent Guns from Rusting


When storing guns in the attic, don’t forget that a gun only has two enemies – politicians and rust. While we’re not so sure about the first one, preventing rust is much easier and under your control. Rust can quickly ruin your new firearm and accumulate both easily and quickly. Therefore, to make sure that your guns remain rust-free over time, they must be well-oiled, cleaned, and stored in a dry and cool attic.

Storing Guns in Gun Cabinets 

Storing Guns in Gun Cabinets 

Another great way of storing guns in the attic is to install a gun cabinet. Being much lighter than a gun safe, it is a discreet storage option and will remain out of sight of visitors. However, it should also be readily accessible in case of emergency. This way, it’ll be easy to put the gun away after using or cleaning. Again, the gun cabinet must be in a warm part of the house or attic to avoid condensation. Its keys must be kept in a small safe and their presence shouldn’t be disclosed to little members of the household.

Remember that if the gun cabinets have been made after 1992, they must conform to BS 7558 (Requirements for the construction and security of cabinets intended for the secure storage of firearms and ammunition). These are a number of essential requirements related to the thickness of steel, locks, seams, and hinges if made before the date.

Additionally, a gun cabinet must be safely clamped at four points to a wall. That’s because sometimes, because of their lightweight, gun cabinets can easily be toted away or broken into by thieves. Also, in case of disasters, the gun cabinet offers little help. For example, if a fire consumes your house, the flimsy sheet metal of your gun cabinet won’t be able to resist flames for very long, if at all. Nonetheless, when it comes to cost, a gun cabinet is much cheaper than a gun safe. If you’re handy and know how to play with wood, you can even turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture. Therefore, before storing guns in the gun cabinets, don’t forget to weigh up all these considerations. 

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Final Bullet

Being a huge proponent of secure and safe firearm storage, one of the best investments you should make is a quality gun safe or cabinet that prevents the possibility of theft and also keeps the guns not so easily accessible for kids or those who shouldn’t have any access to it. You should master the art of keeping guns secure yet available if needed. Whether you’re storing guns in the attic or garage, make sure to secure them properly in a climate-controlled area and keep checking up on them from time to time, by following the safe storage practices.