The Guide to Organizing Extension Cords of Your Garage

organizing extension cords

The garage is more than just a place to park your car. It has also become a mini-workshop where you would fix your vehicle, tinker a broken toaster, do some arts and crafts, or install an overhead shelf in your garage. These types of jobs often involve the use of power tools. … Read more

Adding a Bathroom to the Garage

Garages are being used as an all-around utility space in houses. Aside from being a space to park the car, it is also being used as a storage and as space where people work on their hobbies. Therefore, adding a bathroom to the garage is a great idea. Whenever you are working … Read more

Best Gun Safes for a Garage

a black steel gun safe holding different kinds of rifles, handguns, and pistols

If you’re a gun owner, there are a lot of reasons why investing in a good quality gun safe is considerable. One is because firearms are expensive. They are valuable, therefore, you should keep them protected from damage in the event of a house fire. Aside from that, guns are also targets … Read more

Best Portable Work Lights for a Garage

Hallomall 15W Work Light

A good and reliable work light is a must-have in any garage that has been turned into a workstation. The ceiling lights can only do so much. A portable work light is something you can use so you can avoid accidents and get the job done right. Some work lights can also … Read more

Tools Every Garage Should Have

Hand tools

More than a house for your vehicles, a garage is where you store important tools for jobs beyond household work. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a repair master of the house, most probably you also want to turn your garage into a workstation. If so, you need tools and equipment geared … Read more

Belt vs Chain Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Garage Door

Garage door openers are widely used either with a belt drive system or a chain drive system. Both follow the traditional mechanism to open and close the door but come with a set of features that distinguish their functionality. Although these features don’t affect the primary objective of a door opener, they … Read more

Game Ideas for Garages

Crystal Art Game Room LED Sign

The garage is probably the most versatile place in homes because a lot of things can be done in there. It can be a parking space for your car, a room to store household chemicals and appliances, a place where you can keep your sports equipment, and a spot where you can … Read more

Tips for Storing Guns in a Garage

garage gun storage

Most of us use our homes’ garages to store tools, household chemicals, and other large appliances. Aside from those things, the garage is also a popular option to store guns especially if you have limited space in the house or if there are kids around. However, keeping guns in a garage is … Read more

Best Garage Storage Systems

The garage is a place where we park our cars safely, where we do some of our hobbies, and it also stands as a storage for a lot of our household items. Since it has many functions, some garages may tend to be cluttered and unorganized. If your garage needs some organizing … Read more

Safely Storing Chemicals in Your Garage

Aside from cars, tools, gardening equipment, and bicycles, another common thing most of us keep in our garages are specialty chemicals that we use in our day-to-day living. Some of these are chemicals for your car’s maintenance, anti-freeze and window washing fluid, pesticides, fertilizers, and other gardening chemicals. These chemicals can be … Read more

Buying Guide for Garage Lighting

Buying Guide for Garage Lighting

During garage planning, you must never take lighting for granted. There are different reasons why you must find the right garage lighting inside and outside your garage, such as to help illuminate a path, to improve security and to provide proper illumination if it is to be used as a workshop or … Read more