Quick Hot Water Repairs

When you get into the shower after a hard day at work, after a successful workout, or on a cold morning to start your day, the last thing you want to discover is that you no longer have hot water! An ice-cold shower is not anything most people enjoy. You’ve come to the realisation that your hot water system is on the blink and you need an expert gas hot water system Perth plumber to come to assess the problem and hopefully fix it, or suggest a new hot water system for you.

Common issues your expert may discover

  1. A faulty thermostat – This is what controls the temperature of the water, if the thermostat is faulty or not working at all then it impacts your hot water. Sometimes when a thermostat fails, it means no hot water at all, but also it can fail and stay on permanently which means water is being heated when it is not needed. That costs you money in energy bills.
  2. Water that is discoloured – If you have a storage water heater, either electric or gas that is emitting discoloured water, then this is an indicator that the tank is getting old and may need replacing soon. Corrosion happens over time, even with the sacrificial anode (a metal rod in the tank to delay the process of corrosion). After five to ten years a water heater might then need replacing. While you can call in a plumber for hot water repairs Perth, they may recommend you get a new one.
  3. An element that is faulty – With an electric system, the water is heating by an element inside the tank. It is an elongated coil that heats the water around it. Again corrosion is an issue that affects the coil. Sometimes corrosion eats right through the coil or sometimes over time the element short circuits. Most plumbers have a restricted electrical license so that they can come out and fix this electrical issue.
  4. A pilot light has gone out – With a gas hot water system Perth if there is no hot water, the first thing your expert will check is whether the pilot light is still lit or if it has gone out. The pilot light is a small flame that lets the heater reignite, controlled by the thermostat. When the pilot light is out, ignition cannot occur. Sometimes it can just be relit and your hot water will be restored. On occasions pilot lights can just go out, but if it happens regularly, then there is an issue that needs investigating.


When you are looking for hot water repairs Perth because you are dealing with cold showers, make sure you find licensed expert plumbing contractors to assist you. No one enjoys it when the hot water stops working for any reason. enlisting a plumber to help you quickly will save money, restore your hot water, and help you maintain your system so it lasts for a long time to come.