Tips for Storing Guns in Your Garage

Most gun owners claim that they feel safer carrying a gun. And considerably more people now than in 1999 claim protection as their primary motive for owning a gun instead of hunting or other hobbies.

Having a pistol or long gun close at hand will enable you to respond to threats immediately. You could also wish to prepare a long-term ammunition cache. You do not want kids or other people getting access to your firearms, above everything else. This article will discuss tips on how to store guns in a garage.

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Ways to Safely Store Your Firearms

It is a safe bet that if you were raised in the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s, your youth was very different from that of today’s children. We rode bikes without helmets, we did not even have seat belts, and our homes were painted with lead paint. Moreover, having weapons was as natural as having kitchen knives, cleaning supplies, and power tools in the house if you grew up in a hunting and shooting household.

Some children were taught a strong “Do Not Touch” rule, much like other potentially hazardous items located in homes. Avoid touching the hot stove, the paint thinner, and the firearms. The “Do not Touch” rule, which was effective for some, might not be effective for you and your family.

Each person needs a unique safe storage option. Whatever technique you decide on must offer a sufficient level of security to prevent unauthorized people from getting access to the guns. The individual gun owner must use their judgment to determine what constitutes “sufficient protection.”

Which safe gun storage solution is therefore the best for your requirements? It depends on the types of firearms you possess, where you live, and the amount of money you have available for investment. A collector will be on the lookout for more storage space. Traveling to shooting competitions may require competitors to be portable. The ease of access will worry those who maintain weapons for home defense. With so many functions that weapons may do, it is important to step back and consider what the various categories of safe storage systems can and cannot accomplish.

The devices on the market today are made to do one or more of the crucial storage tasks listed below: First, they can stop the unlawful use of the handgun. Next, certain gadgets will shield a gun from physical harm, preserving both the gun’s value and its usability. Lastly, some gadgets can prevent theft by acting as a deterrent. The more functions a secure storage system has, however, the more expensive it often is, much like with other types of technology. An overview of some of the more popular storage choices is provided here.


1. Trigger locks

2. Gun Cases

3. Strong Boxes and Security Cases

4. Locking Steel Gun Cabinets

5. Gun Safes

6. Safe Size

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a safe:

  • Steel Thickness
  • Fire Rating
  • Other Security Features

Can gun safes be stored in the garage?

Gun safes can be stored in the garage. But you need to cope with some considerations such as extreme temperatures, fire risk, and easy access. Considering those risks help you to place a gun safe in the garage safely.

There are some reasons why a garage is not recommended to store gun safes.

  1. Temperature

A garage is likely high in humidity. Moisture is often trapped inside because garage doors are not watertight designed or are not completely insulated. Garages receive less sunlight too. The rain which carries cold temperatures goes into your garage and increases the level of humidity inside.

  1. Fire Risk

Some garages store things such as paints and gasoline which may cause a fire.

  1. Easy Access

Garages are commonly located in the front part of houses where people outside can see. Any interesting items may catch the attention of strangers outside. Besides knowing the possible risk of placing a gun safe in the garage, equipping yourself with the proper methods to store gun safes in the garage is very much important.

How to store a gun safe in the garage safely?


1. Keep it away from the doors

You need to put guns far away from the entrance door since people outside can see inside your garage. Make sure it is out of reach from strangers and children, and unrecognizable by burglars. Additionally, do not put any power tools close to the gun safes that burglars can use to break the safe.

2. Protect it from fire

Never put gasoline, paint, paint thinners, and other chemicals near the safe since they are inflammable. The fire can damage the safe and the guns inside.

3. Cope with humidity

The environment inside a garage is humid. If you place the gun safe in the garage unheated, the humidity will make the guns prone to rust. To keep the gun safe and its valuables inside remain safe, it is vital to measure the humidity level inside the garage. This helps you to choose the best treatment. Make sure to maintain the ideal temperature for gun safes. Gun storage will be safe when it is placed at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and has 50 percent of relative humidity. To prevent moisture, you can use a dehumidifier or put a gel desiccant inside the safe.


Storing guns in a garage definitely has its risks.  A gun safe can help to minimize the risks of unwanted access to the guns.  But you also need consider the environment the guns will be stored in as well.