Tips for Storing Your Bike in the Garage

Bike history

Bicycles were first introduced in Europe in the nineteenth century. Bicycles are two-wheeled vehicles that must be balanced by the rider. During the early nineteenth century, the German Baron Karl Von Drais developed the prototype to the modern bicycle. 

The modern era of bicycles began in the 1960s and 1970s, with an increase in North American awareness of the benefits of exercise and energy efficient transportation. Since that day, racing bikes, mountain bikes, and BMX have become the norm for bicycle riders all around the world. 

Can you store a bike in a garage? 

Exposing your bike to shifting weather conditions might harm its components and reduce its usable life. For a lot of us, the garage is the ideal indoor storage area for our bikes. So yes, you can keep your bike inside your garage.

However, keeping or storing your bike inside a garage may require some planning. Your garage may need some adjustments or arrangements. So, let’s talk about some tips on how to store a bike inside a garage. Here are some tips to help you store your bike in your garage: 

Tips for storing your bike in the garage

1. Organize your storage space – If you have a lot of items lying around your garage, consider cleaning it up and getting rid of what you don’t need. Make plans to store your bike somewhere where there will be space.

2. Use a bike rack – When you have multiple bikes to store and want to have a designated space in the garage for them, floor racks come in handy. The main drawback of storage racks like this is that they take up important garage floor, which is always a challenge in tiny garages. But this is very useful for owners who have a larger area and multiple bikes. 

3. Wall-mounted bike racks – They typically hold bikes in one of two positions: horizontally or vertically. This is an excellent choice if you want to get your bikes off the floor of your garage and free up some wall space. Also, this is a great option for those owners who have a small available area in their garage.

4. Floor stands – If you have floor space in your garage, a floor stand is an excellent option. A home-use floor stand is intended to carry only one bike. Floor stands protect humans, animals, and the bike from damage that can occur if the bike is tipped over.

5. Use gravity stand – Gravity stands are intended to be used against a flat section of a wall. The majority of gravity stands can support two or more bicycles. It’s also a space saver. 

6. Use a Ceiling hoist bike rack – The ceiling hoist has the primary advantage of taking up no floor or wall space. A perfect option for those owners who have a tiny space. However, a sufficiently high ceiling is required so that the bike is not dangling down within head height.

7. Keep your bike safe from the elements – Make sure that the area in your garage that you are planning to store your bike is not wet. Ensure that your garage does not experience significant temperature swings from chilly to warm. Avoid leaving your bike in wet areas for more than a week. Otherwise, corrosion might cause harm to your bike’s components.

8. Use bike covers – If you plan on putting your bike in your garage during the off-season, you might consider purchasing a bike cover. Bicycle covers are created to keep dust and grime off of your bike, and most covers also protect the plastics on your bike from UV rays of sunlight. Putting bike cover helps prevent potential damage. 


Thing to consider before storing your bike in a garage

1. Bike Weight – When selecting a bike rack, consider the condition of your wall as well as the weight of your bicycle. Because you don’t want both the rack and the bike to come crashing down when you put a rack to the wall to store your bike in the garage.

2. Security – Make sure that your garage location is safe from theft. Consider also investing in door locks and security. You should also look for a wall mount with a lock for further security against theft.

3. Safeguarding the walls and floors – Even in your garage, bike mud and oil might become unbearable during prolonged periods of rain. Racks with little plastic housings to retain both wheels so tires do not touch the floor or the walls can be used to protect walls and flooring. This will help you maintain the cleanliness of the walls and floors. 

The best way to store your bike in a garage

The best way to store a bike inside a garage is installing racks. Bike racks may help you maximize your garage space. Especially those who have not enough area to place their bikes. So, if you want to keep your bike in your garage, look for information about bike racks and, before you buy one, make sure it is suitable for your bike and, of course, it fits well in your garage.

Wrapping it up

The ability to store bikes in a garage is wonderful for protecting them from opportunistic robbers as well as weather and the elements outdoor. This will also help you not to worry about potential damages that can happen when you store your bike outdoor.

Also, we need to be wise about choosing an appropriate storage option that will allow us to store our bikes safely in the garage while still having them available when we want to go for a ride. In this way, we will not encounter any hassle. 

Before you store your bike inside your garage, plan first. Do the necessary things you need to do like clearing up the area where you intend you put your bike, making sure its not wet and checking the entire space for possible things that may damage it. This will help you store you bike properly and safely.