Turn Your Garage into a Home Gym

Working out and staying fit can be challenging especially for people who barely find time going to the gym. Some other problems with commercial gyms are the crowds of people, occupied equipment, hygiene concerns, and the cost of monthly fees. Exercising or working out should be something that will enable you to end your day feeling relaxed and not stressed out. If you’re tired of driving to the gym, changing clothes, and waiting for an equipment to be vacated so you can start working out, then maybe it’s time that you set up your own gym at home.

Aside from being a parking space for your car, a place to do your hobbies, and a room to keep household stuff, your garage can also be a good spot to set up a home gym. A garage gym can be an effective and efficient training facility that will suit your performance. A lot of people who love to get fit train in garage gyms because there is lesser equipment, a reduced amount of junk, fewer isolation exercises, but more effective training there. If you want to build a garage gym but you don’t know how to start, here are some tips on how to turn your garage into a home gym.

Purchasing Equipment

Turn Your Garage into a Home Gym

When setting up a garage gym, it’s important to decide first what equipment you want to include in it. Once you figure that out, you can make a big purchase of all the things you need. Making a big purchase is a convenient way of getting everything you need in time. It’s because when you order a gym equipment, it may take a week or two before it gets delivered.

In deciding about the things you need, creating a list can be helpful. Choosing equipment for your garage gym will depend on your personal needs. But there are some essential pieces you can consider such as an Olympic bar, weight plates, power rack, weight bench, dumbbells, and jump rope. These things will enable you to get some awesome workout sessions started.

You can eventually add some items to your garage gym when you’re finalizing its set up. Some of those items can be medicine balls, punching bags, mirror, fan, rubber flooring, a dry erase board to track your workouts, and more.

Organizing Your Garage

After making a big purchase of gym equipment and while waiting for its delivery, it’s time to get your garage ready for those things. There are two options when setting up a garage gym. It’s either you have a garage with a gym in it, or have a gym that is in shell of a garage. Whatever option you choose, both will have the need for you to declutter. You’ll have to organize your garage and storage to set up a gym properly.

Being organized is important for garage gyms, so if you have a lot of things stored in your garage, it’s time to be more creative on how you can keep them. First, see all the things in your garage and decide which ones you’re going to keep, and which ones you’re going to throw away. If there are things you don’t need but you do not want to throw them away, you can have a garage sale instead. Selling some things that you don’t need will also help you in paying for your gym equipment.

Once you’ve decided about the things you will keep, have a dedicated storage for them. Some storage can hang from the ceiling or can be mounted on the wall. You don’t need a really big space for your garage gym, but you need enough room for your equipment, as well as for yourself when you use them. You can organize your garage however you want, just make sure that there is enough space for you to do your workouts.

Save Money Through Do It Yourself Projects

If you’re short on budget and you weren’t able to purchase all the equipment you need for your garage gym, don’t fret because you can build a few pieces on your own. Some of the items you can create are plyometric box, medicine ball, and parallettes.

A plyometric box is usually used for box jumps, step-ups, box-squats, and other exercises. Instead of purchasing one, you can create this equipment by just using a sheet of plywood, some glue, and screws. It will take just about 30 minutes to build and will only cost you about $20.

A medicine ball is great for weighted sit-ups, wall ball shots, and other exercises. If you do not want to buy one, you can simply create one using an old basketball. You just have to cut it open, fill it with pool salt, and patch it up. You now have a medicine ball.

Parallettes are used for push-ups, dips, L-sits, and other exercises. All you need to build one are a few cuts of PVC and some PVC cement. It is a very easy project to do and a great addition to your garage gym.

Turning your garage into a home gym will help you to cut cost on expensive gym memberships and it will make it easy for you to do some exercises anytime you want. You no longer have to wait for an equipment to be vacated because the equipment in your garage gym are all for yourself.

There might be a need for you to spend some money in getting your garage gym started, but it’s worth every penny. We hope the tips we shared will help you in turning your garage into a home gym.