Types of Electric Garage Door Openers

Most of the residential garage doors are opened and closed on average of at least 1,500 times in a year. Since they are frequently used, the mechanism that makes them work, which is the garage door opener, can be broken easily. Garage door openers in the present time are electric and mostly controlled using switches on the garage wall, or by remote controls carried by the homeowner, making it more convenient. They are an important part of the garage door, thus, having a broken one can be a major problem, and it is needed to be repaired or replaced immediately.

If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door opener, or if you have a new garage and you’re installing a garage door, deciding on the type of garage door opener can be tricky. It’s because there is more than one type of electric garage door opener to choose from. For you to be able to choose what suits your needs best, here are the different types of electric garage door openers.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

This is the most common type of garage door opener. A metal chain drives the trolley that elevates and lowers the garage door. Aside from being the most common, it is also the lowest priced among other options that’s why it became a popular choice from most homeowners. However, chain drive door openers can be noisy because of the chain’s movement, making it an inconvenience for noise-sensitive people.

This type of garage door opener is best for garages that are detached from the house. But if your garage is placed in a bedroom or a living area, it’s better to go for other options because its noise will probably disturb you or other people in your home.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

A rubber belt is used to slide the trolley when the door is activated to open and close on a belt-driven garage door opener. This is a smoother and quieter choice compared to chain drive, because the trolley moves over rubber instead of metal. It also produces less vibrations compared to doors that open and shut via chains. It has a reduced number of moving parts, meaning, less maintenance is needed.

Belt drive garage openers are best for homes with attached garages especially those near a bedroom or living area. However, this type of door opener is a bit more expensive compared to other options.

Screw-Driven Garage Door Openers

A threaded steel rod is responsible for the up and down movement of the trolley on a screw-driven garage door opener. Compared to belt drive, this type of garage door opener has fewer moving parts, meaning, there are fewer problems over the long run. Like the belt drive garage opener, screw drive is also known to work smoothly, but this is a bit noisier.

Screw-driven garage door openers are great for all types of houses, even on those where garages are adjacent to living and sleeping areas because it does not make much noise. It is also a low maintenance type of garage door opener.

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

This type of garage door opener is usually mounted on the wall at either end of the torsion bar. Jackshaft door openers are usually used commercially. But in the present time, homes with garage ceiling heights much higher than those of the garage door uses this type of door opener.

If your garage has a high ceiling, a jackshaft garage door opener can keep most of the space above your garage door accessible. It can also be a great door opener for garages with sloped and cathedral ceilings because it will allow better accessibility for servicing and troubleshooting.

Direct-Driven Garage Door Openers

Of all the types of garage door openers, this is the least complicated. The trolley is run by a motor which is responsible for its movement. It does not include any belt or chain in the whole operation, instead, it uses a wheel to guide the trolley along a fixed chain.

Direct-driven garage door openers simplify the process of opening and closing garage doors. It also works smoothly and quietly, and rarely requires maintenance. Its good features make it a great option for properties of any size or layout.

Now that you know the different types of electric garage door openers and how they function, you will be able to decide which type will best fit your garage door. We hope this will help you pick the best type of electric garage door opener that will work for you.