15 Different Styles of Landscaping Around Trees

Tree rings make your outdoor space more appealing. Even if you have a lot of trees, you can still create an eye-catching garden if you consider some landscaping factors. A garden with trees looks better and has more life.

We’ll look at fifteen different types of tree-centered landscaping in this guide. Your next gardening project will be inspired by them.

Natural Woodland Garden

Make a natural woodland garden around your trees. Use native plants, ferns, and shade-loving perennials. Copy the forest floor with a mulch carpet. Add layers of plants of varying heights. This will create a lush and vibrant landscape.

Formal Circular Bed

Design a formal circular bed around the base of your tree. Use symmetrical planting. Mix grasses, flowers, and evergreen shrubs. This will give the appearance of structure and coherence.

Rock Garden

Gravel, big rocks, and stones can be used to make a rock garden around your tree. The gaps between the rocks are perfect for succulents, alpine plants, and ground covers. Your outdoor scenery will appear beautiful while requiring minimal upkeep.

Japanese Zen Garden

Make a calm space around your tree with a Japanese-inspired Zen garden. It should be tranquil and meditative. Use gravel or sand to make raked patterns. Add carefully placed rocks, boulders, and moss for a calm landscape.

Cottage Garden

Design a cottage garden around your tree. It should have a mix of colourful flowers, herbs, and cottage-style perennials. Plant in drifts and clusters. Add scented plants, such as jasmine, lavender, and roses. They foster a quaint and romantic ambience.

Tropical Oasis

Transform the space surrounding your tree into a vibrant tropical paradise. Include tropical plants, palm trees, and colourful leaves. Arrange different levels of plants. Features like fountains or ponds that contain water are amazing. Enjoying a backyard retreat that resembles a tropical heaven.

Wildlife Habitat Garden

Design a wildlife habitat garden around your tree. It will attract birds, butterflies, and other helpful insects. Plant many types of native plants. They include flowering shrubs and grasses. These provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for wildlife.

Succulent Garden

You can surround your tree with a drought-resistant succulent garden. Try cacti and agaves. Proper drainage of the soil is essential for healthy plant growth. Use decorative pebbles, driftwood, and rocks to create a water-wise landscape.

Professional landscapers can add pathways, water features, and well-matched planting designs to your property.

Herb Garden

Create a medicinal and culinary herb garden with a range of plants surrounding your tree. Both containers and raised beds make excellent planting locations. You can grow various perennial herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage in your garden. These plants have a year-round flavour and scent.

Shade Garden

For the area around your tree, design a lush shade garden using ferns, hostas, and foliage plants. It is best to choose plants that thrive in shadow. They give your landscape more depth and intrigue.

Formal Boxwood Hedge

Design a formal boxwood hedge around the base of your tree for a classic and elegant look. Use short boxwood shrubs to make a neat border. Add seasonal flowers or ornamental grasses for colour and interest.

English Country Garden

English country gardens are usually thought of as quaint, unofficial spaces surrounded by a traditional cottage or manor and containing a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. These gardens are praised for their seasonal variety, friendliness to wildlife, and natural beauty. Add winding pathways and rustic furniture. This will create a romantic and whimsical feel.

Mediterranean Courtyard

One ideal method to display your tree is by creating a Mediterranean-style courtyard around it. Terra cotta pots, colourful tiles, and drought-tolerant plants will bring a pop of colour to your backyard. Use gravel or flagstone for paths. Add a central focal point, such as a fountain or statue, for a touch of Old World charm.

Contemporary Minimalist Garden

Make a modern, simple garden around your tree. Use clean lines and shapes. Plant sparsely. Use a few colours. Use sleek materials like metal, concrete, and glass. This will create a modern and fancy look.

Pollinator Garden

The area surrounding the tree needs to be enhanced to appeal to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Introduce a variety of indigenous wildflowers, herbs, and shrubs into your garden during all seasons.

They provide nectar and pollen all year long. Choose flowers with different shapes, sizes, and colours to attract different pollinators. Beetles and flies like flat-topped flowers, but bees and butterflies prefer tubular flowers.


Landscaping around trees offers endless possibilities for creativity. You can express yourself in your outdoor space. You might prefer a natural woodland garden, a formal circular bed, or a tropical oasis. There’s a landscaping style for your taste and lifestyle. Adding plants, hardscape, and decor around your trees can make the landscape pretty. It can also make it useful. It will bring out the beauty of your trees and add value to your property.