What are the different types of carports?

A carport is an alternative parking space for those who do not own a garage. It is a convenient way of making sure that your car is safe from any outside elements, such as bird droppings, leaves piling up on the windshield, heavy rain, snow, or heat from the sun, that may corrode or scratch the paint or any parts of your car. A carport is an open-sided structure with a roof supported by metal posts.  While your car is parked under the carport, you can perform maintenance tasks, such as replacing the bmw n54 valve cover, without worrying about weather conditions affecting your work.  It is easy to build and a preferable “garage” for those who have limited space, as it is ultimately designed as a shelter for vehicles alone. There are different types, styles, and designs of carports, and we will be looking at each one of them. 

Based on Placement

Freestanding Carport

Freestanding carports are those that can stand on their own and do not need to be attached to a part of the house. They can usually be moved from one area to another and are easily built by the homeowner himself. Freestanding carports can also be purchased at stores, and they usually come with easy do-it-yourself assembly.  

Attached to the Home Carport


Attached carports are built with one or more sides attached to the house which is perfect for car owners with limited space.  It is typically used as an extension of the garage. It can be use to store tools, lawn, and garden equipment, or even as workshop. 

Based on the Roof Material


Using fabric as a material for a carport is the cheapest one you can find. This is particularly advisable for those who may need to move around the carport because of its light material. Some fabrics used for carports are treated to protect the vehicle from ultraviolet rays, while others are sealed to prevent water leakage. Heavy-duty steel is used to support the roof of a fabric material, which also aims to prevent rust, corrosion, and peeling.

Metal or Steel Carport

Another roofing material you can use for your carport is galvanized steel. They can be a little expensive compared to the first material mentioned and are not an advisable material for those who may need to move the carport, because of their heavy weight and bulky structure. The good thing about this material is it can withstand any type of weather. 

Vinyl Coated Steel Carport

This third material type is the most durable among the other two types. The galvanized steel is coated with vinyl to make it withstand rust, corrosion, and scratches from different elements. 

Wooden Roof Carport

A carport made from wood is usually blended with metal, steel, or timber materials. Wood is a great economical material to use and is good for people who do not want to spend too much but only seek the functionality of a carport. 

Based on Roof Design 

Regular or Standard Roof

The most popular roof design is characterized by a rounded corner that does not have a purlin, ridge cap, or trims. It is one of the cheaper designs. However, one of its drawbacks is that it may not last a long time.  

A-Frame Carport Roof

An A-frame carport roof design will make your carport look residential. The panel sheet runs from one side of the roof to the other. It is a design characterized by its ability to withstand any type of weather because it can have extra anchors, bows, and braces added to it.

Flattened Roof Carport


A flat-roofed carport is the most affordable carport design compared to other types. From the name itself, the design of the roof is flat and may only give a little support from rain and snow to the vehicle. However, when compared to sloped carports, the main advantage of a flattened roof carport is that it provides more access and an easier parking experience. 

Gable Roof Carport

This type of design has the shape of a triangle that is sloping down. This is most suitable for vehicle owners that experience a lot of snow and rainfall in their area because the shape makes it easy for the water and snow to fall down and not be stagnant on it.

Flemish Carport Roof 

This carport design looks like the gable roof, only that it has a pediment attached to it to give it a different look. It is commonly known as a Dutch Gable Carport. 

Skillion Carport

A skillion carport is designed with a flat but slightly angled roof. 

What is the Difference between a Carport and a Garage?


Although both a garage and a carport function as safe parking spaces for your car, there is a big difference between the two. Both a garage and a carport can be attached to the side of your house or a standalone. However, a garage is a much larger space compared to a carport. Additionally, a garage is an enclosed construction with a door and a huge shutter, whereas a carport is an open-sided building with at least two sides. A garage is a complete safety place for your car because it is enclosed, while a carport may not completely avoid elements in the environment that may damage your car because of its open sides. 

What can you park on a Carport?

Aside from your car, any type of vehicle can be parked in a carport, including trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and many others. 

What is the average size and cost of a Carport?

The width or how wide your carport depends on your specification but the standard size of a carport is 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. Metal carports can cost from $1,200 to 5,000. Wood or fabric carports are a little cheaper than metal carports. 

Why Should You Own a Carport?

Design_Double_CarportTo protect your vehicle from adverse weather effects 

A vehicle is considered one of the most important properties since it allows you to go from one place to another. With this given, and all the expensive maintenance of your vehicle, particularly your car, caring for it and making sure that it is free from any damages especially when you do not own a garage that will keep it safe outside of your house, is a priority. A carport makes your car free from UV exposure, rain, snow, and other elements in the environment that may naturally cause damage to it. Also, since you cannot be sure of the changes in the weather, parking your car under a carport eliminates these worries. 

A cheaper alternative to a garage

If your home currently does not have the budget and enough space to own a garage, a carport is the most helpful way of securing your car. It is important to note that some homeowners may still own both a garage and a carport: a carport can be an easier parking place when you need to drop by quickly and may need to go somewhere else, or if you have other members or visitors that need a safe parking space if your garage is not big enough.  

Provides shade during the summer

Good news because a carport can not only be used for your car to escape from the heat of the sun, but also for homeowners who love staying outdoors and watching people passing by. A carport is especially advantageous during the summer when the inside of the house feels flaming hot and you need to stay outside to grasp for fresh air. 

Aesthetic Look

A carport not only gives your car a safe place but also gives the outside of your house an aesthetic and modern look. 

Space for Outdoor Activities 

If you are fond of holding parties and get-togethers with your relatives and friends, a carport can be one of your venues. At night, you might want to have a barbecue party and enjoy the cool breeze.

Final Thoughts

A carport is alternative for homeowners who do not own a garage and for those who want to add an extra parking space apart from the garage.  Although a carport is completely different from a garage, it is still an advantageous parking style to make sure that your vehicle is safe from outside elements. There are different types of carports, and you can choose which one will work best for you.