6 resources that will help you sell your home faster

Like it or not, not all homes are equal when it comes to the amount of time they take to sell. Some can fly off the market in a matter of days, while others may take over a year to get snapped up.

Granted, location does and always will play a big part in this. At the same time, there are various tips that you can tap into, and the purpose of today has been to collect six links from around the web that can help you do this.

Tap into the buzzword (curb appeal)

We’ll be pretty shocked if you’ve never heard the term “curb appeal” over the last few years. It’s something that is constantly rolling off the tongue of any real estate agent worth their salt, and it’s for good reason. Umpteen studies have confirmed that the first impressions of a home can make a difference in how long it takes to sell.

Bearing this in mind, let’s leave you with this first link. It goes into countless ways of how to add the curb appeal factor to your home and reap the benefits as a result.

Source: BHG

Using scents to push buyers to make an offer

When times are hard, you have to try every trick in the book. As this article from Telegraph Property shows, the scent can make the world of difference as you bid to sell your home in record speeds.

There are all sorts of examples which the Telegraph refers to, but without giving up the game too much jasmine and roses are good options. Interestingly, different types of properties require different scents, and this link really goes into depth about what you should be tapping into.

Source: Telegraph Property

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Here is how to decorate your home to result in a fast sale

We’ve all heard the advice about making your decoration more neutral – but there’s far more to decorating than that if you really put your mind to it.

This is where this article from RD.com enters the picture. Sure, it does talk about keeping your color palette more neutral, but it also goes much further than this. It talks about making the most of your space, while one suggestion is to even rent pieces of furniture to try and push through that fast sale.

Source: Readers Digest

How to transform your kitchen on a budget

If you haven’t heard the news, the kitchen is a pretty valuable room in the home. In fact, it’s understood to be the most valuable.

Unfortunately, at the same time it also costs the earth to renovate. This is where you need to think shrewdly and out of the box. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a brand-new kitchen, but if you can invest in the advice listed in this article you will make all of the difference without breaking the bank.

Source: Ideal Home

How to make a small room look a lot, lot bigger

Nobody does tip articles like Buzzfeed, and this is where this next link is heading. This time, the website has collated 19 different way to make a smaller room look much, much bigger.

As we all know, bigger houses sell for more money. As such, if you can at least make your home appear bigger than it really is, it will immediately become more appealing.

Source: Buzzfeed

Thinking outside the box for ultra-fast sales

This final link takes on a much different spin to anything else we have looked at. This time, it’s not about actually changing your home, but instead changing the method in which you sell it.

Most of us rely on real estate agents, but there is more to selling a home than that if you really need it. This link looks at multiple options, whether it’s turning to a specialist house buying company, or offering your property for sale at auction. It’s well worth a read if you are getting a bit desperate.

Source: The Advisory