How to use a Paint Sprayer? Our Guide and Top Tips

Paint sprayers are the perfect tool to cover large areas pretty quickly and can even be a lot of fun to use as well. Using spray paint can be super easy but it has been known to be little tricky too, especially if you’re just a DIY enthusiast rather than a professional decorator. This article is here to provide you with some tips that will come handy when you use a sprayer to deliver the utmost in excellent results.

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In addition to having all of the basic items for getting started such as drop sheet, a bucket of water etc. it is good practice to wear your safety gear, this includes googles and a face mask while spraying. Make sure you always the read the instructions and safety manual before starting work as there are different specifications for each model of sprayer and some will require different precautions. Before you start spraying, you need to thin the paint down by around 15%. Detachthe container and stir the paint in the container along with a little water as a thinner, slowly adding it, if it is water based paint or you can even thin it with turpentine, if it is oil paint, until you arrive at the consistency that is required.

You can now attach the container for the paint to the sprayer and all you’ve got to do is pull the trigger to start using it. Before you start actually painting your surface, you can run a quick test on another area such as scraps of cardboard or throwaway wood and make the nozzle adjustments based on the consistency you would like to have. If you do not have lot of experience, it is best to start on a large flat area like the side of a wall that is not easily seen. In fact you can even spray water for practice but make sure you let the surface dry completely before you start painting with real paint.

When you start your real work, you have to use a really steady motion both vertically and horizontally. In a good spray pattern the paint is thorough evenly distributed onto the surface. There are several techniques you can use to ensure an amazing finish.  Start at minimum spray pressure and slowly increase the pressure until a good spray pattern is achieved. If the finish is uneven, then your pressure setting should be altered accordingly.

Spraying at the lowest pressure possible while getting used to it and finding the right spray pattern will save wear and tear on your pump and spray tip. If you are using the maximum pressure setting and the spray pattern is still not suitable then a smaller spray tip size should be used or the material should be thinned.

Any spray gun must be placed or positioned approximately twelve inches from the surface and you should aim straight at the surface. Keep the gun at a consistent distance from the surface. Hold the gun straight with no tilt up or down or angle left or right.

You should also work in sections as far as you can comfortably reach. When spraying overlap the prior stroke by half. Trigger the spray at the beginning of each stroke and release before ending the stroke. Remember to clean up thoroughly when you are done.

Once you master the basics and follow the usage instructions meticulously, you can achieve superb results using paint sprayers with none of the work of having to use a brush.