How to choose LED garage lights

Garages are functional spaces, mostly multi-purpose, i.e. for parking, repair, storage and recreational/construction work. It requires its own lighting setup to facilitate all the activities exclusive to garages as an outdoor unit.

Important things to consider when opting for garage light fixtures are:

  • the layout of the garage
  • functional features of the fixtures

Garages built for storage and other tasks require a schematic light layout where layering of light with additional fixtures for more than general lighting is necessary.

Fixtures versatile enough to be convenient for general and accent lighting, are preferable over fixtures that are task-oriented.

Choosing garage lights gets more comfortable with a layout. For example, if a garage’s ceiling height extends above 20feet, the most viable option for general lighting is high bay light fixtures. Similarly, with low ceiling height, practically brighter but smaller fixtures seem much more reasonable.

To work this out, get a rough layout while remodelling the garage—Mark the spaces dedicated for tasks, storage and parking space because garages require supplemental lighting.

Several LED garage light options are available in the market, such as high bays, canopy lights, wraparound lights, vapour tight fixtures and shop lights integrated with motion sensors.

LUMENS required for garages

For a simple parking garage’s overall lighting, the general calculation suggests 50 lumens per square foot, which roughly amounts to 15000 lumens or above.

Essentially, this is achievable by a single high bay fixture, but overhead lighting is blocked by objects placed in the same vicinity. So multiple shop light fixtures allow adjustable light, which factors to a bright and safer garage environment.

Choosing LED Garage lights

LED garage lights are remarkably cost-effective as they live up to their warranty period, reducing energy loss by generating more light than heat compared to other fixtures. There are multiple effective led garage lights available in the market, classified according to their functionality as:

Task lights

Task lights are placed in areas dedicated to carrying out tasks—for example, the workbench.

Few of the dedicated task light fixtures are:

  • Clamp-on lights

They are inexpensive, very useful for individual projects or repair work. These lights are portable, which makes them an excellent supplemental fixture.

  • Led Shop lights

Consisting of single or multiple led tubes, these fixtures are essential for garages. They have several mounting options like chain mount, or they can clamp onto the overhead ceiling. Few of them are hard-wired and integrated with motion sensors to be used near garage doors.

General lights

General lights are for general ambient lighting to make space appear brighter and comfortable.

LED High bay lights

LED high bays are available in two main designs; Linear and round.

Both are just as effective and economical. Linear high bays are powerful light fixtures for high ceiling areas, which provide uniform, glare-free light. They are available in various sizes and mounting options to facilitate the installation and working of the fixture.

LED wraparound lights

LED wraparound lights are innovative and very effective light fixtures for low ceiling garages. They are installed at level with the ceiling surface and do not hang like shop light fixtures. This is important as these lights do not get blocked by ladders, storage shelves, etc. Wraparound lights have a diffusible acrylic cover that gives off light in multiple directions, resulting in a large uniform spread in all orders.


These are the few dedicated functional fixtures for garages as they are remarkably cost-effective, easy to maintain and integrate with garage lighting layout. Garages are functional spaces and require overhead, general, and accent light fixtures to make the area accessible, comfortable and productive for regular use.