Reasons To Get a Sturdy Garage Door Lock

Ever wondered why is everyone talking about garage doors safety and security these days? Why is it so important to keep the doors locked? What kind of lock is good for this purpose? Answers of all these questions are right here! 

Garage is that part of the house where mostly valuable and expensive items are stored, like bicycle, motorcycle, cars, tools, etc. Although we don’t use those garage-worthy things frequently, but they are of high emotional attachment. Just think about your old trophies and childhood bicycle laying in the garage. You wouldn’t afford to lose them, would you? Well, that is why securing garage doors is very important, and that can only be possible with the help of a sturdy door lock. 

That is not all my friends. There are so many other reasons that will compel you to get a sturdy garage door lock. Here are a few of them

1. Ensures Home Security 

Mostly homes are linked with garages via a door or narrow opening. Imagine if your garage door is not properly closed, and some burglars try to enter in? It means direct entry to your house. Well, that’s scary. Even if you have not kept any valuable stuff in garage, a good-quality, sturdy lock in on its door will ensure safety and security of your house. 

Garages are considered quick and easy entry point to the houses for burglars because this part of the house is mostly ignored security wise. Nationwide Insurance revealed that almost one out of 10 thiefs break into the house through garage. You may find this number small, but wait. Do you know in every 14.6 seconds, a home is broken? Yes, you read it right. 

2. Emergency Storage Area

Garages are definitely a great storage area where you can keep anything that doesn’t fit in your house, like old trunk, bicycles, tool box and whatnot. However, it also works as emergency storage idea. Do you want to know how? Well imagine yourself coming back after doing groceries, and it is raining cats and dogs. What’s next? Would you like to leave the groceries in the garage until the rain is gone or will you take them with you inside the house all wet and sogging? I would take the first option personally.

Place yourself in another situation. When you get a call informing that guests are arriving at your place in 15 minutes, and your house is a complete mess. You have not done laundry in weeks, and toys of your kids are everywhere. What to do in this type of situation? Where does all the mess goes? Yes you guessed it right! Everything will go into the garage for timebeing. You just have to sweep everything to the garage and welcome guests to a neat and clean house. Do the detailed cleaning later without any guest knowing. 

3. Vehicle Safety 

What are garages? A covered area to park the vehicle. The main aim of a garage is to sheild your cars from any type of weather condition and of course burglaries. If the  door is fully secured with proper locks, then garages are a carsavers! Even when you are out for vacations, your car will be all safe and sound till you come back. For extra precautions, it is ideal to install security cameras to stay updated about the happenings in the garage. 

Now that you know how much important it is to secure garage doors, it is the time for you to read about sturdy garage door locks that will be of great help. 

A Guideline To Sturdy Garage Door Locks 

A Guideline To Sturdy Garage Door Locks 

Several types of door locks are laying in the market to fit perfectly with the needs of different types of garage doors. Consequently, whichever type you will choose; it will impact performance accordingly. Wondering how? Mentioned below are top types of garage doors locks so you can select a suitable one for yourself. 

1. Side Door Bolts 

This type is referred to as one of the safest and secure door locks that you will ever find. You know the best part? You usually can’t see Side door bolts from the outside because they are installed internally. Hence, these locks will give hard time to the burglars. As the name suggests, side bolts uses sliding bolt for locking the door efficiently. 

2. Deadbolts

Dead bolts goes really well with the already-existing garage door locks. This type of lock works on a lock-and-key mechanism which doesn’t let it move easily, unlike spring bolts. Basically, deadbolts are quite hard to open without a specific key. 

3. Electronic Locks

Electronic locking system doesn’t function with physical keys. Instead, biometric scanners and keypads are used to make them work. Retina scans and fingerprints are the example of biometric scans. Electronic garage door locks are expensive as compare to other type, but they are worth your penny. 

4. T-handle locks

The next on the list are T-handle locks. You can guess the shape of these locks from its name, T- handle. Only special keys are used for these locks, and hence they are very difficult to break. 


What is your choice out of these? Choose wisely as it is the matter of your home security. 

When To Replace Garage Door Locks? 


Everything has a life. No matter how much good your existing garage door lock is; you still have to replace it in a while. Here are some signs and symptoms that ask for getting a lock which is more upgraded and efficient. 

When You Detect Rust

Rust is a killer for any sturdy lock. If you see your lock rusted, first try to clean it out. If that doesn’t work, getting a lock is the option for you. Rust can be developed the to the elements which may also damage the lock internally. 

Keys Stuck In The Hole 

Keys are meant to slide in and out smoothly and effortlessly form a keyhole. If the insertion and removing is time, then it indicates that the degradation or internal damage is done. Time to invest in new locks folks! 

Visible Damage Signs 

If you see any visible signs of a damaged lock, it indicates that the security of your garage is compromised. These locks are quite easy to break. They key is to observe! As soon as you see your existing door lock giving you a hard time, get your hands on a new one. 

When You Feel The Need Of An Upgrade

Upgrading locks in a while can surely enhance the security level of your garage. For instance, if you have installed spring bolts which are easy to force break-in, then you can try deadbolt. Good news is that, you can install multiple locks with each other in order to maximise security. How cool is that? 

Door locks are serving our security needs since ever. Due to the upgrade of technology more and more types of sturdy locks are introduced in the market every other day. After reading this article, you must be convinced about getting a lock for your garage door that can work as a security guard in your absence. Also, the list of locks’ type will guide you to choose smartly. Have you made a choice already? If no, then do it now!