Securing Your Garage Door From The Inside

With the increasing numbers of thefts and break-ins reported in the recent years, it is the need of the hour to keep our garage doors safe and secured.  Through the data extracted from various security agencies, it is quite evident that the garage doors are one of the most favourite entry points for burglars. The fact is, very least importance is given to design and security of the garage doors by the residents. Also, it is commonly seen that all of the general precautions usually people take, in the form of various mechanical and electronic gadets to protect the doors from inside, are not enough. 

 According to FBI, there were more thefts reported in Calafornia than any other state of the USA. In year 2017, more than 170, 000 burglaries were reported, and most of them occurred when the houses were left unattended for a longer period (during holidays). So, in this article we will focus on most of the easy, common, practical yet affordable, conventional and non conventional methods to avoid harmful, unwanted guests (buglars). Read on! 

How To Keep Buglars Away? 

How To Keep Buglars Away

Homebuilders are always looking to build least costly homes possible. For this, they try to minimize the expenses from everywhere, including your home security. Yes, you read it right. Usually, the standard home locks, they install, won’t make your door 100 percent safe. Worry not! Some tips are listed below for you to enhance the security level of your house, and to prevent robberies. Keep reading. 

1.  Door Brace

The best way to secure a garage or home door from inside is by using a door brace. They stop the door from being forced opened. One of the best reason to use a door brace is that they do not required any modification in the door, and are very easy to install. Cool, isn’t it? 

Door braces are installed from inside the door, and are very strong, durable and reliable. There are different types of door braces available in the market, each having different features. Some of these braces are portable, and can be removed or displaced. While a few are permenantly fixed. However, all of them offers security by stopping the door from inward or outward swing. This mechanical phenomenon make these types of doors resistant to kicks, push and brute forceful entry. Few commonly used types are security bars, half deadbolt, flush bolts, closer covers and barricade bars. 

2. Sliding Door Lock 


One of the cheapest and reliable door lock is the sliding door lock. This door lock is made up of solid non-rusty metal. They are installed inside the doors, and comes with the feature of key knob to open from outside along with the door opening or sliding handle. For sure, this one is the most inexpensive way of securing a door from inside. 

If you usually leave your houses for longer period of time, and you don’t frequently use your garage doors, then side locks is the best option for you. It is highly recommended to install two of these locks for added benefits. One should be at the right most bottoms and the other one on left most bottoms of your garage doors. 

3. Monitoring The Garage Area

One of the smartest way to secure your garage door by using a monitoring device. There are a number of such devices available in the market having a variety of qualities, which allows you to keep an eye on your house or garage doors. Such devices comes with the security cameras with add-on ‘voice control instruction’ features. You don’t need to sit focused and watch your security cameras, but you can follow your usual home/away activities while keeping full check on the happenings. 

In case of any unusual activity near to your home or garage door, you will be notified with an emergency tone on your smart phone.! All you require is a WiFi or Internet connection on both the ends. If any unwanted guest would try to open or even touch the door handle, the security sensor will notify you at the same prompt time. You can give loud and clear verbal instructions right from your smartphone even if you are driving, shopping or while enjoying a recreational time with your family long away from your home.

Moreover, these cameras would automatically take screenshots of your protected area, and the shots will be automatically sent to you in no time. 

4. Flood Lights 

Robberies mostly happen at nights, because that is the time of the day when burglars can hide themselves under dark shadows. Guess what? You can discourage their attempts by investing in motion-activated flood lights. These lights not only brighten up the area, but they can also detect any type of motion and notify you instantly. So, the house breakers can’t hide under the shadow anymore, and you can sleep safe and sound. 

5. Cover Your Windows 

We spend so much on home decor but have you ever thought about putting blinds on the window of garage? If you are nodding your head in no, then it is high time to rethink! Covering Windows is really important to prevent thefts. This way, robbers won’t be able to see your stuff. Hence, no temptation, lower risk. 

Another inexpensive way to cover your windows is to get them frosted. You can either do it yourself by pasting self-adhesive window film, or hire a professional for help. You know the best part? Unlike blinds, you don’t have to check every now and then if the blinds are closed already or you forgot to close them. 


If you ask someone which part of their house is most important, they won’t tell you it is their garage. Don’t believe it? Ask yourself However, most of your valuable belonging are kept there, including bicycle, tools, and your precious car as well. Besides, consider the fact that a lot of people (weather accidently or on purpose) don’t bother to shut the door between garage and home entrance. This, eventually, becomes a lifetime regret.

 All in all, in order to secure your homes, you need to ensure your garage door safety. Above-mentioned tips will sure help you out in making your nest burglar proof so you can enjoy your vacations to your fullest  or do your office work in peace without worrying about the house.