The Most Reliable Router Table Combos

Router table combos are incredibly useful tools for woodworking and home improvement projects. The tool you choose could make or break your whole project, if you don’t get the right precision tools. Not only that, but many woodworkers have reported keeping their tables up to 40 years, with proper care. 

If you’re going to purchase something that will last you such a long stretch of time, it might be a good idea to get something that you like and will serve you well. A good starting point is picking a table and router combo that you know will fit perfectly together. 

Another notable thing to look for is features that the router may offer. Does it have variable speed, dust collection, and a reliable motor? Among others, these are things to think about before spending your hard-earned money on tools for your at-home shop.

Kobalt Router Table Combo

Kobalt is a reputable company that will help you get your projects done and wont break the bank. The twelve amp motor is assurance that your cuts will be clean, and the miter gauge helps provide accuracy.

It is not overly heavy. It also does not feel cheap. This promising piece of equipment is one many have been happy to have in their shop. This is truly the ideal upgrade for a continuing hobbyist’s shop.

Bosch RA 1181 Router Table

One of the more popular names floating around in the home improvement world is Bosch. You better believe they earned their place! 

Bosch makes great equipment that is easy to use for amateurs and hobbyists. Even small-time professional woodworkers are fond of the fine hardware that this company puts out. 

If you have spent any amount of time looking for routers, you will have discovered that the RA 1171 and 1181 are workhorses, and dearly loved by their users. 

Parts like aluminum plates mean longer life of your machinery, and a bigger table top than the Kobalt combo means more comfort when making cuts.

What are you looking for in a table? Adjustable feather boards? Dust collection? Dual outlet switch? A longer cord? This table has it all! There is a reason it is so highly rated on consumer sites, like amazon. 

This really may be one of the finest, reasonably priced tables to grab for home improvement projects.

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil is a brand that holds its own, even if it does not get the same spotlight as brands like Bosch. This table is for those who have their favorite router already, and are interested in a Table to mount it on.

Adjustable points on this table, like the bit height gauge, can help get the exact cuts and indentations you’re looking for. Accessory storage helps keep the right tools close by. While this table is lightweight, securing it down will surely keep it right where you want it without any issues.

Do not let the weight fool you with this table, it is professional both in its aesthetic and functionality. Taking this table and partnering it with just about any router makes for the perfect combo.


When it comes to your home shop, these are a few tables you should not overlook. Even if other tables come at lower costs, keep in mind the features that would make your experience better and make sure no sacrifices are made. You will not regret getting a table combo with extra features!