Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Man with a Van

There are precious items and pieces of furniture that you just can’t let go of or sell when you move to a new house, so you would have no choice but to move those items with you as well. If you have a car, you have the option to place the items inside it and just move them yourself, but the problem with this is that it would take a lot of time if you have a relatively small vehicle and you can only bring at least a quarter of the total items in your old house.

Thankfully, there are comprehensive moving services that you can rent or hire so that they will move your items for you using a truck. However, these moving services can be quite expensive, so they are not ideal to hire if you are on a tight budget. But, there is another option for you to try to move your items with ease, and that is through a man with a van, which is also known as man and van service. 

Through the man with a van, you will be able to move your items from your old house to the new one at a much cheaper rate. But, there are things that you need to know about man and van services before hiring, as they don’t have the same quality of service. So, here are the things to keep in mind in order to hire the best man with a van.

Study the Man and Van Service

To know if the man and van company you are going to hire provides great service, you would need to do some research about the company itself by going to their website and checking their rates, fees, and features. Most of the best man with a van services have a website, so be sure to check their site out if you want to get their contact information or inquire about their pricing.

Besides looking at their website, you can also judge man and van services in Kingston or anywhere in the UK by reading or watching reviews online. Through reviews, you will have a better look at the service of a specific man with a van provides through the lens of one or more of their customers.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Relatives

man and van service crew moving a sofa

If you don’t have enough time to look at reviews online, you can ask for recommendations or referrals from your loved ones that have recently moved to a new home and hired a man and van service. With the help of your buddies or relatives, you will have a better idea of what the service does during the rental period, whether they perform well or if they have anything to improve upon.

Referrals are also much better than online reviews since your loved ones will be much more honest with their opinions about certain man and van companies, unlike on the internet where some reviews are sponsored by the companies themselves. If you have any best friends or family members that have hired a man and van service before, contact them and ask them questions about the company they hired.

Perform Comparisons Between Two or More Companies

It is usually a good thing to be stuck in choosing between two or more man and van companies, as you will have multiple options just in case one of them isn’t available during the day of rental. In addition, having many choices allows you to perform comparisons to see which one is the most suitable for your preferences.

You should always compare companies based on their pricing, features, and customer service before making a choice, as you wouldn’t want to stick to only one company and find out that they offer below-average service.

Choose Accredited Services

Another way to ensure that the man with a van company you will be hiring has high-quality service is to check for its accreditations from various agencies in the UK, and these certificates should usually be available on their website. 

An accredited man and van service typically has better quality features and customer services compared to those that don’t have accredited. However, most accredited companies would have a higher basic charge, but the price you are paying for their service is worth it since your items will be safe while in transit and insured if ever there are losses or damages.

These tips hopefully help you in making better decisions when it comes to choosing which man and van service to hire. Picking the most suitable company out of dozens that are deemed to be the best in your area will be hard, but whatever you choose, as long as the company is accredited, insured, and has good reviews online, you will be guaranteed to have a great experience in moving your items with sentimental value to your new home.