When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Locks?

Your garage is an important place that stores numerous valuable items. From your beloved car to items with high sentimental value from your childhood – a garage houses everything. Therefore, you need to have the most secure locks installed on your garage door. Moreover, be it an attached or a detached garage, this place is a part of your home, and securing it with an updated lock system is crucial to your security. 

If you have a good-quality garage door lock installed, it may last for a long time (up to 10 to 15 years). However, this is only viable if you keep up with the maintenance of the locks. Periodic maintenance of the rollers and springs in the garage door locks can also allow you to enjoy seamless lock operations for up to 20 years. 

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Locks?

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Locks

Nevertheless, there are numerous instances wherein you have to change the garage door locks as they posit a threat to your home and personal security. If you are wondering what these instances are and do you need to change your locks, read on. 

1. Automatically Reversing Doors 

Since 1993, the garage doors must have a safety reversal system. This technology has now become fairly common and uses two sensors to provide child or pet safety. These sensors are installed about six inches above the floor on either side of the door. Any movement detected through the sensors sends a signal to the door closing mechanism, and it automatically stops closing and starts reversing. 

This feature is quintessential for an optimum safety standard. If your lock is an old one and you have not adhered to this safety precaution, you should have your locks changed. 

2. Quieter Door Locks 

Not that you are hiding from the neighbors, but garage door locks that operate quietly are advised for the mental peace of the neighborhood. If your garage door opens with a hurled noise that threatens to wake up your sleeping babies or parents, you should start looking for updated garage locks with a quieter mechanism.  

The traditional style of the garage door locks generally open and close with a chain drive – which can be quite noisy. If you have this type of lock near the motor unit of your door opener, then have it replaced with a belt-drive garage opener. Even if you get a new garage door lock installed with the traditional chain drive, it will be less noisy than the old one. 

3. If the Old Locks are Rusted 

Garage door locks can rust easily as they are exposed to sun and outer elements all the time throughout the year. Rust on the exterior of the locks can indicate damage as it can hamper the locking mechanism; thus, compromising your security. 

You can try cleaning the rust initially and check if the performance of the lock enhances. If this does not work, it is advised not to take any chances and replace the garage door locks as soon as possible. 

4. Keys Getting Stuck in the Lock 

Are you frustrated because you have to struggle to get your keys in and out of the garage door lock every time you use it? Do you loathe standing outside while you try and combat with the lock and keys? If these situations seem familiar, it is the right time to change your garage door locks. Keys getting stuck in the door lock indicate rust forming in the lock or the mechanism not performing up to the mark. In either case, changing the locks is the right option. 

5. Signs of Damage on the Lock 

If you can visibly notice some damage signs on the garage door locks, think of nothing else than changing the locks. Compromising the security of the locks is equivalent to compromising the security of the whole house. Damaged door locks are easy to break in and can result in unfortunate events. 

6. Upgraded Security 

Technology is developing and progressing at warp speed. Locking mechanisms are also developing newer models with updated security systems. If you have an older garage door lock and need an upgrade in your house’s door lock security, you should start with changing the garage door locks. Older locks usually have a fixed code which someone can easily find out to break in. 

Newer and updated security systems have a rolling code feature that implies a change in the code every time the lock is used. This is an excellent feature for enhancing security.

7. Keypad Entry 

Have you ever experienced extreme panic and anxiety when you drop your keys somewhere on the way home and realize only when you try opening the garage door? The wave of panic that someone might have access to your door with the keys may also result in a sleepless night. 

Newer models of garage door locks come with a keypad entry function. A keypad or touchpad is installed outside the garage door. Upon entering, you just need to enter your code or scan your thumb to open the garage door; thus, eliminating the need for keys. Fingerprint detection is one of the highly secured locking systems newer garage door locks are offering. 

8. Battery Backup

If you have an old garage door lock that runs on power without a battery backup, this is a valid reason to upgrade your garage door lock. In case of a power outage, one of the biggest inconveniences is not being able to open the garage door. Installing a garage door lock with battery backup automatically starts when there is a power outage. 

9. Homelink Connectivity 

Updated models of garage door locks are programmed to connect with the Homelink feature that is built-in in various new cars. This feature allows you to control your garage door remotely from your car, and there is no need to get out of the car to open or close the garage door. If your garage door does not have this feature, you should start looking for the latest door lock. 

10. Wireless Connectivity 

Do you know that you can operate your garage door from your cell phone and get updates about when it is opened? This is a revolutionary step in secure locking mechanisms. You can change your garage locks to the ones that connect with your cell phone, and an app will manage and monitor the operation of your garage door. 

Invest in your security and get the newest models with updated technology to protect you and your family. 


Garage door locks tend to have a long lifespan – provided they are regularly maintained. Therefore, investing in a garage door lock is something that should not be delayed, especially if you experience or note the points mentioned above in your old locks. Risking your house and the wellness of your family is not an option at all. 

Therefore, it is advised to be vigilant and check if the locks are rusted, posing problems, are technologically updated, or stop being operational. This is going to go a long way in protecting what is near and dear to you.