Tips for Decorating a Garage

If you don’t have a fancy garage with shiny floors, colorfully painted walls, solid cabinets, and neat storage, you still deserve a clean, less crowded, and well-organized garage. Decorating the garage can be challenging to take on, but if you want a good-looking garage, it’ll be worth it. 

It is one of the most overlooked places in the house when it comes to decorating. Most of us frequently disregard this space because we see it solely as an empty place for storing things. 

Setting up Your Garage

Setting up Your Garage

1. Decide the Usage of the Garage

First, you must decide on the primary purpose of your garage; whether you’ll want to use it to only park your car(s) in it, or if you want some extra space for a workshop. Once you know the answer, you will be good to go for the next steps.

2. Start with Quality Flooring

After deciding how you want to use the garage, you should look into having a high-quality floor for it. A strong cement floor is the best choice to keep your garage multi-functional with a basic look. Depending on your preferences, cement can come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. You can then add the tiles on top of the cemented floor if you desire.

A change in your garage floor can make a significant difference in its appearance. You have numerous options of the things that you can do for the garage flooring. Epoxy is a standard garage flooring material. It will give your garage a clean, sharp appearance that you won’t get from anything else. 

Moreover, epoxy flooring is also easy to maintain and clean; hence it can look good all year. These appearances, however, come at a cost, as epoxy flooring is not cheap.

3. Choosing a Durable Long-Lasting Door

Replacing your garage door with a long-lasting and insulating one can also do the trick. Insulated garage doors help keep out noise while also keeping the space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

It is best to hire a professional to install your new garage door to balance it and keep it secured properly. While looking for a suitable one, you should also consider the door’s color and shape to match the outlook of the garage.

4. Setting up Workstations

The garage will most likely be divided into different zones by size. Before you add furniture or organize the space, decide where and what things your zones will occupy in the garage. 

A garage is excellent for painting, woodworking, repairs, and other crafting activities. You won’t have to be frustrated by cluttered spaces if you create clearly defined zones with plenty of places to store all your tools.

Tips for Decorating Your Garage

1. Use Appropriate Lighting

Finally, illuminate your space with suitable lights as they can greatly impact the overall feel of the place. A single light bulb or fluorescent tube light, which is common in most garages, lacks style. 

Choose an option that is both efficient and good-looking. It will help you in doing tasks in your garage and set the mood for it. If you use your garage for relaxation, you may want to consider installing canister lighting or freestanding lamps. 

2. Hang Traffic Signs on the Walls

You can use highway signs as they look perfect in a garage. These signs will work well because they can be seen on the roads frequently, resulting in a familiar appearance that many people might prefer.

3. Use Sports Décor 

You can decorate your garage with sports décor of your favorite teams, such as the Bears, Bulls, Sox, Fire, or whatever team you like. You can put these signs up in place of the traffic signs, and they would still look great. 

4. Use Holiday Decorations

Many people celebrate holidays and like to connect with their cultures and traditions. If you like to give your garage a fun holiday vibe, maybe Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, you can use Christmas trees, Easter eggs, or lanterns to decorate your garage. 

5. Neon Lights

Neon lights are a popular type of decoration that you can use in your garage. They emit a fluorescent radiance, which is more appealing than ordinary lights. Most people prefer to get these lights as they are available in custom shapes and sizes. Hence you can find neon lights of your favorite car brand, sports team, etc., for your garage.

6. Decorate Your Shelves

If you want to organize your garage, you will need shelves for that purpose. However, the shelves are very plain looking. There are numerous things you can try, such as making unusual shapes and sizes of storage. 

You can even build your custom shelves by cutting and painting the wood to any size you want and adding your personal touch to them. 

7. Make a Wood Wall

A reclaimed wood wall offers a timeless look that complements almost any space. Wood elements are rarely out of style, so don’t be afraid to go all out on a custom wall for your garage. 

The majority of reclaimed wood comes from barn siding and doors, making it highly durable. You can contact your local carpenter or woodshop to inquire about a good source for wood. 

8. Having Lockers in Your Garage

A locker is another unique way to keep your stuff organized and secure in your garage. Many homeowners keep personal items or tools in small or full-size lockers in their garage. A locker is not only a practical storage option, but it also looks like a nice decoration. 

It fits in with the theme of your garage, making it look like an auto shop. Furthermore, lockers have an aesthetic appeal that will give your garage a more professional look. If you have enough room in your garage, you could also put a vault in any corner.

9. Add Gas Pumps For Nostalgic Looks

Many people like to retrofit their garages with vintage gas pumps. The nostalgic appearance is sure to draw attention and improve the appearance of the garage. These gas pumps can cost anywhere from $250 to almost $3,000. 

There are some less expensive, non-realistic options available for around $100, which you can also consider. Overall, it’ll give a very retro, gas station/workshop-type vibe. 

10. Use Floor to Ceiling Cabinets 

When it comes to decorating your garage, industrial cabinets fit the requirements for it. These tall and spacious storage spaces are usually made of stainless steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. 

Most of these cabinets have a modular design — separate compartments that you can stack, arrange, or display in any way you want, and hence you will have more creative control over your garage. Grey, black, and chrome are among the popular choices in such cabinets.

Decorate Your Garage and Give it a New Life

You can try many things to make your garage look better. Whether it’s something simple like adding more shelves or giving it a lively look and adding new floorings, you are free to do whatever you like. Whether it is a massive change or the addition of just a few things, one thing is sure that these decorations will give your garage a cool new vibe.