Do Garage Screen Curtains Keep Bugs Out?

According to the American Housing Survey, about 80,000 Americans have a garage at home. Garages are used for multiple purposes. Of course, there is the traditional purpose of a garage, i.e., parking a car, and then there are also many other creative uses that you can put your garage to. Even the importance of using a garage as a parking place cannot be underplayed – since cars are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions outside the home, that can range from constant rain (which causes rust) to snow.

Even in average weather conditions, dust and dirt can accumulate on the car, and make it necessary to clean the car very often. Then there is also the danger of theft when your car is parked in the open air. Garages thus keep cars safe from dust, dirt, rust, and robbery, and minimize the need for cleaning the car.

But apart from parking a car or two, garages can serve many other functions. Whether you have a big garage where you park your car and still have space to spare or your whole garage is empty and available for use, there are many ways in which you can make use of the extra space. The first and most frequent use of a garage is as a storage space. From sports equipment to tools to childhood things, all kinds of stuff is usually put in the garage, which can often be well organized by making use of boxes and shelves.

Other creative uses of the space in garages include setting up your own workstation, where you can work with your tools without disturbance, or setting up a home office. Alternatively, you could also set up an entertainment room. People who work from home often set up their workplaces in their garages, for example, a yoga instructor might turn the garage into a yoga studio and a dance teacher into a dance studio. A martial artist could make use of the garage for martial arts lessons on the weekends.

Now since garages are places where you can spend a lot of time, from sawing through the wood to working on your projects and hosting parties, the garage itself must have all the right equipment. The first equipment that you should be getting your hands on is a garage screen curtain or a garage screen door. You might be wondering why a simple screen is at the top of the list. The reason is that a garage screen door provides just too many benefits for one to be able to ignore it.

Let us look at some benefits of garage screens:

Keeps the air cool

Do you know that screens are an excellent way of letting in cool air from outside? The fine mesh of the screen cools down the incoming air from outside and helps maintain the temperature of the garage, enabling you to work in a pleasant atmosphere.

Protects the garage door

If you are going in and out of your garage at all times, then it is not advisable or practical to open and shut the garage door time and again. Apart from the annoyance in this task, it can lead the garage door and the motor to wear out, and it also adds to the electricity bill. You may choose the greatest Texas electricity rates that can meet you and your home’s demands from a selection of possibilities without worrying about your electricity bill. With a screen in place, you no longer have to worry about opening and closing the door all the time.

Prevents stealing

If you do not have a garage screen curtain in place and you need to go fetch something from the house, there is a higher likelihood that someone might quickly run into the garage and take off with something. After all, everyone knows that expensive equipment is often lying around in garages. A simple screen can do wonders to deter thieves from attempting to steal.

Keeps out bugs

The biggest advantage of having garage screens is something so subtle that you might not even have thought about it, and yet it is extremely important. Garage screens prevent bugs, insects, and other pests from getting into the garage. Having worked in the outdoors on a sunny day, you might be aware of how difficult it is to work with flies buzzing over your head. It is even more annoying when these bugs find a way into your garage – a place that is supposed to be a reprieve from the world where you can work on things you like in peace.

Bugs are especially attracted to garages. It is a desirable shelter for bugs and other insects as it is easily accessible, with the door often open as people and cars move in and out. The summer heat makes insects look for cooler places, and during the winter, bugs search for warm areas. In the evening, pests are drawn to light and find their way to the garage. So, whether it is spring, summer, or fall, some insects or bugs will always be trying to get into the garage.

Not only do these bugs make it difficult to work, but they also pose a danger to your health and that of your family, as they bring various germs and diseases with them. So it becomes quite necessary to keep the garage free from bugs and insects by taking preventive measures, rather than finding solutions after the bugs have already found their way in.

Preventive measures include minimizing the access points through which bugs might find their way into the garage. These include filling up any cracks or holes, but majorly, it is vital to make use of screens to prevent the entry of flies and bugs.

Last Word

Garages are often used for storing sports equipment and tools, working on projects, or setting up a home gym. As such, they are often left open for extended periods, which means bugs and other insects can get into the garage and take shelter in boxes and corners. Mosquitoes and flies can also ruin your free time and decrease your focus. Having a screen curtain in place ensures no bugs get in, and you can be at peace.