Fun Projects You Can Do in Your Garage

For some people, their garage is to them what a basement is to others. Individuals who would rather work on whatever they’re passionate about with a full view of their neighborhood rather than behind closed walls often take to their garages when they want some space to work on projects and other DIY activities.

Also, you can make a much greater mess in your garage than your basement, simply on account of the fact that it’s technically outside the house. So grab some lemonade, throw open your garage door, and get to work. Here are some fun projects any garage dweller can work on to pass the time in a constructive and fun manner.

Why Work in A Garage? 

Why Work in A Garage.

If you’re the sort of person who leaves his car out on the driveway, a garage is basically just another room to you. While some prefer basements or the yard shed for personal projects, garages also fulfill that role spectacularly well. Unlike basements, garages aren’t oppressively indoors. You can literally slide up a large part of a wall and just work away in full view of your neighbors. For extroverts, or people who want to share their project with other passersby, this is an ideal workspace.

Another reason for working in the garage is that it provides you with all the utilities of your house while being sort of separate from it. You have power, running water if you choose, and heating and cooling as well. Sure your basement does too, but it’s underground, while your shed may require completely new connections to be established for basic utilities. If your project ends up releasing large amounts of foul-smelling gas (don’t play with chemicals you don’t fully understand folks), you can just vent it out instead of it stinking up the whole house.

Setting Up 

Setting Up

Most people wouldn’t consider setting up your garage to be a fun endeavor. However, if you’re into building basic furniture and renovating a space to your liking, setting up the garage can be its own fun little project. The best part about this project is that you end up with a garage custom-tailored to perfection. Having set up everything personally and to your satisfaction, you would know your garage like the back of your hand, and that would help immensely on future projects you undertake.

Make a Nerdy Hangout Spot 

Make a Nerdy Hangout Spot

If you’re nerdy or geeky in any way, the garage can serve as the perfect spot to hang out with your fellow nerds. You could set up a large table on which you and your friends could play board games, especially ones that take forever to conclude like Dungeons & Dragons. The advantage of setting this up in your garage is that you could leave your game paused for weeks until the next get-together without it being messed up by anyone, provided only you access the garage of course.

If LAN parties are what interest you more, you and your friends can all pitch in and put together a kicker LAN setup. The computers can stay there forever and every weekend or free day can be whiled away chugging can after can of soda while gaming. Open garage door and a large group of friends gaming together with snacks? Don’t be surprised if the day gets away from you and before you know it it’s past midnight. We covered setting up a game room in your garage in more detail here.

Make It Your Man Cave 

Make It Your Man Cave

While converting your garage into a game room is a fun social activity, you can also just keep the whole thing to yourself. If your garage is bigger than your bedroom, or it’s a good place to shut yourself in simply because no one bothers you in there, you might want to consider making it your prime me space.

Get a nice TV to set up in a corner, a Blu-Ray player or a couple of game consoles, a nice couch and a high-tech audio system and you’re already 80% of the way there. What comes next depends on what your hobbies are. Perhaps you want to set up some exercise equipment. Maybe a fridge full of snacks and drinks is what you want next to your couch. Posters could cover every corner and shelves of collectibles could line the walls. It’s your cave, so it’s all yours to do with as you please.

Set Up a Workshop 

Set Up a Workshop

Garages are also widely used by people to set up their own personal workshops in. What the workshop is about and how frequently it sees use is of course dependent on your likes and dislikes and how much time you can spare for your hobbies. You could make a workshop with shelves of tools and a workbench which you use to put together little crafty items like wooden sculptures or figurines of some fandom you’re a part of.

You could also set up an arts and crafts station where you churn out portrait after portrait and dioramas after dioramas. Maybe you could set up a small engineering station where you tinker with stuff and assemble basic robots or remote-controlled vehicles. Setting up a relevant workshop is the first step to working on fun projects, and setting up the workshop is itself a fun and rewarding experience.

Set Up a Themed Wonderland for Your Younger Relatives

If you want to spend your time putting your artistic skill on display for your younger siblings or cousins, a garage is an ideal spot for doing so. With barely any restrictions on what you can change in a garage, you could hang up decorations and large pictures all around the walls while littering the floor with artfully placed items kids would love to play with.

A Harry Potter themed miniature Hogwarts with cardboard walls, or perhaps a tiny Disney themed pillow fort with Mickey Mouse around every corner. The possibilities are virtually endless and wholly dependent on your skill and how much effort you’re willing to put into it.

Making a Miniature Hollywood

Another fun activity, especially if friends or family members are involved, is setting up your garage as a discount movie studio. Cardboard cutouts, painted backgrounds, and handmade props along with lighting equipment could be used to make short “movies” right in your garage. If you’re happy with how they turn out, you could even play them at the next family barbeque.


There’s no shortage of fun stuff to do in your garage. Just spending some time in there ought to give you plenty of ideas about where to take your garage next. Hopefully, we helped you in your decision process a bit with some of our suggestions, and we’re sure whatever you decide on is going to be a fun activity you’re bound to enjoy every minute of.