Garage Door Installation In Norman

For some people, a house is incomplete without a dedicated space to park their cars. For car enthusiasts, the importance of a garage can never be over emphasized since they often collect rare/vintage vehicles that they enjoy displaying for friends and family to appreciate.

Although garages are mainly functional spaces, they may also be used to compliment the overall aesthetics and architecture of a home, thereby increasing its value. Modern garages can be designed to look like high-end car show rooms with elegant lighting and ample parking space. Click here to learn more about how a garage can increase the value of a home.

No matter how well-designed a home car park is, it is nothing without the right door or gate to keep it safe and private. In the past, garage doors were operated manually with home owners having to go through the trouble of opening or closing the door each time they made use of the covered parking space.

Nowadays however, these doors are automatic and motorized. They are fitted with sensors that make them open and close automatically once they sense a vehicle approaching, making them very convenient.

Installation Process

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to installing garage doors. It is a multi-step process requiring professional knowledge and skill. Although this process can be carried out by regular people following DIY instructions, it is much safer and quicker to have a skilled technician do it.

Getting skilled technicians to set up your garage door shouldn’t be a problem as many of them have some form of online presence. For instance, people living in Norman could simply go on their favorite search engine and search for garage door installation in Norman to find professionals close to them.

That said, if you consider yourself a “handyman” and up to the task, you can follow the steps below to get the job done in no time.

Step 1: Release the tension on the garage door

The springs attached to garage doors are under a tremendous amount of tension and weight. This step should be carried out with extreme caution as these springs may cause severe injuries when handled improperly. To release the tension:

  • Clamp the torsion spring shaft using adjustable-locking pliers. Once this is done, wedge the pliers against the header wall on top of the cut-out space for the garage gate.
  • Insert a steel rod into one of the spring winding cones which helps to loosen and tighten the spring. Loose the screws keeping the winding cone in place while holding the inserted rod tightly.
  • With the steel rods, loosen the spring one-quarter at a time.

Step 2: Disconnect the current door

Once the tension has been released, go ahead and disconnect the current door from the opening. Next, remove the door panels starting at the top and take out the connected hinges.

Step 3: Install Door Panels

Install Door Panels

It’s now time to install your new doors. If you’ll be fitting two garage doors, ensure you place a reinforcing bar along the top panel so that they do not bow in the center.

Next, drill pilot holes and using screws, secure the panels. To successfully install the new door:

  • Attach the hinges of the door to the top of each panel
  • Axle support should be attached to both the top and bottom panels
  • The bottom panel should be placed into the opening so that it is levelled
  • Every new panel should be placed on the previous one with the groove of the new panel sitting right on the ridge of the previous one. This should be done until all the panels are in place.

Once these three steps have been done properly, you can consider the bulk of the job done. Next, you should secure the door hinges, then fit and bolt the track to keep it in place. The last steps involve installing the springs, attaching the torsion rod and pulleys, before finally attaching the cable and tightening the spring.

Cost of Installation

Depending on the type of material you wish to use for the door, and the garage style, installation could get expensive when done by a professional. If you’ll be going for an aluminum build, it’ll cost you between $600 and $2500. Wood composite prices ranges between $750 and $4200. The most expensive material is faux wood with prices starting at around $1500 and reaching as high as $4500.  Visit to learn more about choosing the best garage door materials.


The type of material you choose to go for isn’t the only determinant of the price you pay when hiring a professional. Aside from the technician’s work charges, the style of door you choose also significantly affects the cost. A glass roll-up style can cost as much as $7,800 while the more expensive carriage style can go up to a staggering $13,000.