Ideas and Tips for Refurbishing a Garage

Would you like to make your old garage look new again? Do you want to add value to your garage? If so, you need to think about refurbishing a garage.   

Bear in mind that your garage can be remodeled in a number of different ways. During the renovation, you need to make changes to the floor as well as walls in your garage.

Garage remodel costs depend a lot on how you are going to renovate a garage and the materials you are planning to use. Today, we’ll share some ideas and tips to refurbish a garage in the best possible way.   

So, let’s get started.

Garage Floor Repairs or Replacements

Garage flooring can be cracked or damaged over time. If this happens, you will need to have your garage floor either repaired or replaced.

It’s more expensive to replace your old garage flooring with a new one than to repair it. However, your garage will look much better with new flooring.

There are different types of garage flooring. These include:

  • Interlocking tiles
  • Roll-out vinyl flooring
  • Peel-and-stick tiles
  • Carpet
  •  Concrete sealer
  • Floor mats

When picking the perfect garage floor, you need to explore your options carefully and then make a smart choice. Give a preference to a garage floor that meets your needs and budget.

Have Walls Insulated in a Garage

Paint Walls in Your Garage

You may need to heat a garage in winter or cool a garage in summer. That’s why it’s so important to insulate a garage. Having insulated walls in your garage will help you reduce your energy bills.

Paint Walls in Your Garage

Painting walls is a great way to refresh the interior and exterior of a garage. However, it’s incredibly important to pick the paint of the right color for a garage. Pick a wall color that matches the color of the floor in your garage.

Do Refurbishment to Convert a Garage to a Room

Traditionally, people choose to use a garage as a parking place for their automobiles. Plus, a garage can be used as storage space for items. 

Sometimes, homeowners want to add more living space to their houses. In this case, a garage extension is worth considering.

Garage refurbishment specialists at Proficiency believe that a garage can be converted into different types of rooms, including:

  • Art studio
  • Bar
  • Bedroom
  • Gym
  • Family room
  • Office
  • Studio apartment
  • Playroom
  • Workshop

If you choose to get these types of renovations done, you will have to run electric lines as well as water lines to your garage. It’s important to know that these types of work require permits.

Install Windows on a Garage

It’s a great idea to install windows on a garage. Windows will allow you to provide more natural light as well as fresh air in your garage.

Add More Light in Your Garage

You should aim to improve the lighting in your garage. Replace all dim lights with bright ones or add more new lights. So, you’ll see everything perfectly in your garage after sun is down.    

Take Advantage of Post-remodel Property Valuation

According to the opinions of experts who work at Clearance Solutions, it makes sense for real estate owners and investors to get property valuation done after a garage renovation.   

The fact is that garage remodel is one of conversions that add value to a home significantly. The statistics show that converting a garage into a room makes it possible for homeowners to increase the value of properties by 10%.
That means that you’ll be able to add value to your home if you decide to refurbish your garage. And of course, this will help you increase the price of your property.