When do I need carpet cleaning?

So, television has been rife with advertisements for years of rentable carpet cleaning devices that claim to make it an easy task for anyone it to restore their carpets to like-new status. Well, if you did this on an annual basis, and never had any accidents or unfortunate incidents with people tracking particularly nasty stuff in, this might be a realistic projection.

The truth of the matter is, though, that you should really leave carpet cleaning to the professionals from the start, and eventually you will need their services no matter what. Before you go looking for carpet cleaning in Ajax or carpet cleaning in Toronto, though, let’s talk about when you actually needed versus simple steam cleaning, which is actually a little different than professional grade service.

Simple cleaning versus professional cleaning: when do I need which?

Carpets get dirty no matter what. Have you ever moved a piece of furniture that has set in place for a significant period of time, only to see a rectangular area of carpeting that looks remarkably brighter in shade than the rest of the room? It might’ve only been a couple of years since the carpet was even put down, the carpet has been treated with absolute care, and still, you can see the stark contrast. Why is this?

Well, a big part of this actually comes down to the fact that exposure to ambient temperatures, dust and various airborne chemicals from organic beings (that’s you, your family and your pets) will cause oxidation and reactions to the dies in the carpet. With modern carpets, this is reversible, at least if it’s not too extreme. Of course, with exceptionally expensive and delicate forms of carpeting, this may be a different situation altogether, but if you’re putting that sort of carpet down, you can probably afford to replace it on a whim too. Lucky you.

In cases of simple differences in tone like this, a simple water and steam cleaning will probably do the trick. However, if it has been more than a year or two since the carpet was laid down, or since it was last cleaned, you’re probably going to need professional-grade service.

What the professionals can do is quite a bit more potent than what any non-commercial equipment can produce. On top of their expert training in dealing with carpets, the equipment and the chemicals, the chemicals themselves are quite a bit stronger and more effective than what you can achieve with store-bought alternatives. This is oddly analogous to pest control, where the equipment, expertise and pesticides at the disposal of professional exterminators are far more effective than anything you can do or purchase yourself.

Why can’t I try this myself?

Well, there’s nothing technically stopping you from trying this yourself. That is, if you don’t mind destroying your carpet. Consumer-grade solutions are not designed to remove stains, worn-in dirt and other time-related issues that degraded the luster and health of carpet. Attempting to double down on these efforts will simply damage the carpet beyond repair.

On top of this, if you recently had a particularly nasty stain inflicted upon your carpet, time can be of the essence. Acidic compounds like grape juice, wine and tomato sauces, especially, are quite villainous to remove if they’ve and left in place for terribly long. Animal urine is another main when it comes to this.

If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, you need professional service. If you’ve had a nasty stain inflicted upon your carpet in very recent times, you can’t afford to waste time. Find carpet cleaning in Ajax were carpet cleaning in Toronto right away, before the stain becomes permanent. Do not try to fix this yourself!