When should you move business out of the garage into an office?

It is no news in the business world that the now-famous technology company HP – Hewlett Packard once started in a garage. The two college friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, started their dream business quietly working away in the tiny building where Packard lived. The company now has a net worth of around $25billion. And the HP garage is now a mark of innovation and excellent corporate skills.

Starting your business tucked away somewhere in the corner of your home is not a wrong decision. It saves up on the cost of renting an office space that you may not initially require. But once your business starts rolling, you may need to get a separate office for your company. But how do you know when your business demands a special place? What are the signs that make you sure your business now needs to move to an office from your house garage?

Here we have a few signs that you may witness when your business is ready to take the big step of getting its own, separate office:

Your Business Is Rapidly Expanding:

It is by far one of the most critical signs that now you need to move into an office. An expanding business means frequent client meetups, too many orders that need processing, and business growth. For you to handle all that from a tiny little room may get too complicated. Sure, you can hold a few client meetings here and there at a coffee shop or a restaurant when you initially start your business. But doing it three times a day may just become too complicated and also costly. Therefore, once your sales start growing and you start setting a stable foot into the industry, it is best to move your business into an office space.

You Can Now Afford An Office Space:

Simply put, if you can now afford it, why not get it? It is fair to initially have a cautious approach to spending since you do not know how well your start-up would do. But once your business proves valuable and worth the investment, why not go for a proper office setup? It is the most appropriate thing to do if you wish to grow your company into a large-scale corporation in the future. If your business revenue is now enough to afford the rentals, you should get a formal office space. Look for a fitting business location, hire one of the many commercial moving companies available, and make the big move!

You Experience Too Many Distractions At Home:

Even though working from home may feel like a blessing in the start where you can handle all house chores and chill while working. But once your business starts getting hectic, you will find it a huge distraction in your work life. Unless you live alone, kids running around, or your pet dog hopping in your lap for a pat, may shift your focus from work to other things. And this can cost you delays in your business obligations. Moreover, once your business starts expanding, you will have more critical commitments and more workload to handle. And managing a growing business while you are distracted may not be such a wise decision.

You Need To Hire More Employees:

It is okay to have a small team since you may not need a vast workforce initially. In the start, you may also not have enough money to invest in numerous resources. But once your company starts growing, you may require a larger number of human resources to employ in your business. For example, you may initially handle all the administrative tasks yourself since you only had a few orders to process. But now, since the orders are coming in bulk, you may need a separate administrative team.

Moreover, now that more and more customers wish to deal with you, creating an online presence may seem fruitful. But for that, you will require a separate team of digital marketers and a space to accommodate them. Therefore, the need to hire more employees may necessitate a new office space.

You Wish To Create A Brand Image:

News in the corporate world travels fast. If you are a rapidly growing business, you may already be in the limelight. Even though people may look at your work and what you offer, having an office in your garage is still not good for your brand image. Well-established businesses have corporate offices. Even the ones that sell their services online own headquarters physically. It is a sign of good corporate culture and professionalism. And will help you build a strong brand image.


Many corporate giants today started as small businesses with no physical office locations. When you have a ground-breaking business idea, having an office space is usually one of the secondary things on your mind. However, once you set foot in the industry and bag a significant clientele, moving into an office space needs to be prioritized. Once your business starts showing the signs mentioned above, you should know that your company is now ready to make the big move.