How To Decorate Garage In Vintage Style

Transform your garage into something useful and attractive space!

Create the perfect garage that matches your taste, style, and trend as well. It is time to plan of refurbishing the garage space with trending decor elements that reflect the vintage style.

The vintage-inspired interior is in trend these days and you can give the same look to your garage. With a few additions and adjustments, you can change the overall look of your space. Here are some ideas to decorate the garage in vintage style:

Why Vintage?

Vinate look is a unique in many ways and is desired by most of the people. It reflects your love for the vintage era and make your interior look luxurious. You can create a classic 1950s look with amazing decor pieces. Black and white photo frames, concrete floor, brick exposed walls, and metal accents are some of the main elements of vintage interior.

Retro garage will increase the beauty of your home and also attract people towards your style. Further, vintage style interior is easy to maintain and can be updated just in few bucks.

Garage doors in Retro Styles

Update the garage doors with attractive colors like red, blue, red, or yellow. Retro-style garage doors  look beautiful and add a unique charm to your home. In addition to colors, you can also add geometric shapes to the doors like square, rectangle, and many more.

Further, metal doors can also look great for a garage. The best thing is that you can convert your garage to kid’s room by painting the doors with bright colors. Further, the customized colorful doors feel and look good.

Streamline your Storage

Streamline your Storage

Storage is very important for the garage. It is better to streamline your storage to make the space look open and clean as well. Try to use maximum wall space to store things in a place. There are trending storage shelves and hangers that you can use for your garage.

This will not only help you store screws and other important things but will also decorate the room in a stylish way. Further, you can put some potted plants on the floating shelves to bring freshness and charm to the garage.

Vintage-Inspired Wall Art

Vintage-Inspired Wall Art

Do not leave the walls of the garage blank and fill them with beautiful vintage-inspired wall prints. You can choose the vintage look wall art and can hang it on any wall of the garage.

If the wall is large, select a larger wall print or you can choose various small prints to create a collage. Further, you can create a gallery wall with various retro wall prints of high quality. For more help, check interesting vintage-inspired wall art ideas for garage interior.

Cover the Floor

It is time to focus on the floor properly. You can update the garage floor in vintage style too. For example, you can choose black and white tiles to create a chess-like design on the floor. Also, you can cover the entire floor with vintage-style rugs.

Another great option is concrete which is in trend and is best for the garage floor. Moreover, the concrete floor is in trend and matches the vintage-style interior.

Think: Light and Bright

Increase the space visually by making it bright with the help of a number of lights in the garage. You can opt for vintage-style ceiling lights to decorate the area. For example, there are pendant lights and metal frame lights that you can choose to update your garage.

This will not only lighten up the garage but will also make your garage look bigger and spacious.

Final Words