Guide to the Types of Garages

The garage is one of the key structures to have in your house, especially if you own a car, as it is able to protect your vehicle against the harmful elements outside that can cause rusting to its metal parts and cracks in its windows.

Even if you don’t have a car, the garage can be used to store tools, which can then turn the space into a workshop filled with items that can repair appliances or other components in your house that needed fixing.

While most of us may know the garage as a four-walled structure, there are plenty of other variants of the structure that offers different purposes and functions.Here are some popular types of garages that you should keep in mind if you are planning to build a garage in the future.

Attached Garage

garage attached to a house in Houston Texas

Arguably the type of garage seen in almost every home, the attached garage is placed directly on the side of the house.

By having an attached garage, you wouldn’t have to go outside after parking your car in the garage. If there is heavy rain in your weather, once you park your car in the garage, you don’t need to use an umbrella and wear a raincoat just to go inside your house.

However, one disadvantage that the attached garage has is that you cannot design it differently from the overall look of your house since it is connected to it. You could have the option of having a different exterior design for the garage, but it wouldn’t look appealing right next to your house.

Detached Garage

detached garage lawn

If you want your garage to have a distinct look, then the detached garage is the best choice for you. You can build the detached garage in any location in the property, unlike the attached garage, which you have to place it on the side of the house strictly.

Moreover, if your house doesn’t have enough space to have an attached garage, you can opt for the detached version if ever you still have a lot more space a few meters away from your home.

As previously stated, the drawback of having a detached garage is that you have to go outside to reach your home once you park your car. Also, you wouldn’t easily be able to go to the garage if an intruder opens its door. Just make sure that your detached garage has safety features and is not far away from your house so that you can immediately see if any commotion is happening in the area.

Garage Apartment

room above the garage

If you want to maximize the space that your garage occupies in your property, then why not place a room on top of it?The garage apartment is a variant that has a room above the garage that can be used for various purposes.

The extra room is perfect if you don’t want to go outside after parking your car during bad weather, and you can place beds there if an overnight stay at the garage is needed. If you have relatives or friends that are staying for the night in your home, then you should have a bedroom above the garage so that they can use it for sleeping.

So, if you need a guest room and you don’t have enough space in your house to build it, then you can choose the garage apartment type and designate the guest room there.

Loft Garage

Sometimes called a barn if it is built in a farm, the loft garage is almost the same at the apartment, but it has a broader and taller space for your parked vehicle and a shorter space for the extra room above, making it just a loft or attic instead of an apartment.  Add a small custom closet to improve on storage for a small area.

You can plan the loft to only consume half the space in the garage and place railings at its end so that you would be able to see your car below safely. The loft is also the perfect location for your game room, where you place billiard tables, dart boards, and other items for recreation.

Portable Garage

portable garage with tent

The portable garage is a great choice for people who don’t want a permanent garage and wanted to use the space for purposes other than for parking their vehicles in that spot.

Usually made of sturdy fabrics and other durable materials that can withstand heat and powerful winds, the portable garage can be assembled if you want protection for your parked car, and it can be conveniently folded and dissembled if you don’t need it.

You can also take the portable garage anywhere so that you can set up a covered parking space for your vehicle outside your property.

If you have a small front yard or backyard and you don’t want to ruin its look by placing a permanent garage, then you should get a temporary garage to avoid altering the area’s aesthetics permanently.


Carport snow

A carport is an open garage that doesn’t have walls, and its roof is supported by beams located in each corner of the structure. Because it wouldn’t need walls, doors, or windows, the carport is cheaper to build than a closed garage.

The carport offers a much more convenient way for you to take your car out of its parking space because you don’t need to worry about opening garage doors or hitting walls.

The roof on the carport provides protection from rain and snow, but it wouldn’t be able to prevent the cold or heat from entering your vehicle. In addition, you wouldn’t be able to store tools or essential items in this type of garage, as thieves can easily steal it since it is an open area.

Carports are not recommended in places where it is too hot or too cold, as the extreme temperatures can often damage several parts in a vehicle. Closed garages are the better option in these situations since they usually have insulation and ventilation to control the temperature in the structure.

There are many ways to apply garages in your property, and each type of garage offers different advantages and disadvantages. Now that you are familiar with the popular variants of garages, you can choose which type is the most suitable to build when it comes to providing the best protection for your vehicle.