The Benefits of Garage Door Screens and Curtains

In the present time, garages are not only used to park cars into but they are also used as hobby shops and sports centrals. Some also use garages as man caves and in-law units while some use them to store big appliances. In these cases, door screens and curtains can be a … Read more

Types of Lighting for Garages

The garage is often an overlooked interior space when it comes to lighting. It’s because some people only use it to store holiday decorations and some garden tools. However, if you use your garage as a workshop or recreation space to pursue your hobbies, then you need a proper lighting for it. … Read more

Facts about Garage Doors That You Should Know

You might not think too much of your garage door, but it is the largest moving object of your house. It’s one of the things we use everyday but take for granted. Here are some of the facts that might help you appreciate the basic fact that you have a garage door. … Read more

Protecting Garage Floors

Garages today are not just used for parking cars and stacking boxes. They have now become a multi-functional part of the house – a garage man cave, a workshop, a personal gym, family home theater, or a garage storage. A garage is also a place to stage if you want to improve … Read more

Garage Storage Ideas

Garage Storage

Nowadays, a garage is more than just a space to park your car inside — it can be a vast extra storage space when you don’t know where else to stash away your things when you don’t use them. Other than an attic or a basement, a garage is another place for … Read more

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Many times, most of the garage isn’t even occupied by a car. Sometimes, it’s not even where the car is at all! Garages are often where old stuff and broken toys end up. Why let your unused, pre-loved stuff occupy a room in your house while you can’t even find a quiet … Read more