The Guide to Garage Door Styles

garage door styles

The garage was originally designed for storing vehicles. Nowadays, though, a garage may be more than its traditional purpose. Many garages are designed to store automotive and garden tools. Or as a workspace, a craft room, or as a mini-gym. There are even garages that have been converted or semi-converted into an … Read more

What Is an Insulated Garage Door?

insulated garage doors

When you have a garage, you want the conditions to be optimal for your vehicle when you park it. You also want your garage to be a comfortable place (as possible) whenever you’re fixing your car, or doing other tool work or craftwork, no matter the weather outside may be. A garage … Read more

What Are the Types of Garage Doors?

A front-facing garage door is something that add looks to your home’s front façade. However, if your garage door looks beat-up, it can be a real liability. For houses where garages are placed in front and center, their garage doors have to look good. So, if your garage door looks old or … Read more

Facts about Garage Doors That You Should Know

You might not think too much of your garage door, but it is the largest moving object of your house. It’s one of the things we use everyday but take for granted. Here are some of the facts that might help you appreciate the basic fact that you have a garage door. … Read more

How to Keep Your Garage Secure

How to Keep Your Garage Secure

Whenever home security is thought of, garages are not given much attention. Garage doors are a common weak point and an easy target for thieves because it’s often overlooked when ensuring security for the whole home. But surely, you need to secure your garage because that’s where you keep other personal belongings … Read more