Tips for Storing Guns in a Garage

Most of us use our homes’ garages to store tools, household chemicals, and other large appliances. Aside from those things, the garage is also a popular option to store guns especially if you have limited space in the house or if there are kids around. However, keeping guns in a garage is not the same as how we keep other tools there because we cannot just place them on shelves or hang them on walls.

When you decide to store your guns in your garage, you will have to place them in a gun safe. But it doesn’t end there, because there are other things you should consider such as the temperature in your garage, the type of gun safe to use, and the perfect spot to place the safe. To help you, here are some tips for storing guns in a garage.

Proper Temperature and Humidity Levels for Gun Storage

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gel desiccant
temperature and humidity gauge
Stack-On Double Door Gun Cabinet
Barska Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe


One of the major destroyer of firearms is rust and it can be developed when you keep your guns in an unheated garage. It’s because moisture can get inside especially when the gun safe stands against an outside wall. Based on gun experts, the ideal temperature that we should maintain for our gun storage is 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a 50% relative humidity.

If your garage is unheated, you can still keep your guns there by using a dehumidifier or placing a gel desiccant in the safe to prevent moisture. Having a temperature and humidity gauge will also help you maintain the ideal level of temperature and humidity for your guns.

The Best Spot in Your Garage for the Gun Safe

When keeping a gun safe in the garage, you should not place it near the power tools. It’s because these things can be used by thieves to break into the safe. Fire can also damage the safe and guns therefore, you shouldn’t keep gasoline, paint, paint thinners and other volatiles near it.

You should place the gun safe far from any door or window. It should be in a spot in your garage where no one could see you take the guns in and out such as on a corner where potential thieves have limited access.

Types of Gun Safes

Having a gun safe is important if you want to keep your guns in the garage. Gun safes can protect your firearms from theft, destruction by environmental conditions, and as well as unauthorized use. But before investing in one, you should know first the different types of gun safes for garages. This will help you choose the best one that will cater to your needs.

  • Key Lock Gun Safe: This type uses the conventional lock and key system. It is reliable, however, once you lose the key, it becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • Multiple Lock Gun Safe: This type of gun safe uses two locking systems, for example, biometric and key lock. You can choose to use only one system or use both the systems it has depending on your security needs.
  • Wheel and Pin Combination Safe: This is the traditional type of gun safe where you need to turn a wheel and identify some numbers which stand as the passcode to open it.
  • Electronic Lock Gun Safe: This type of gun safe has a small screen and can be opened by entering a code using a keypad.
  • Biometric Gun Safe: This is probably the most secure gun safe among the options. This type of gun safe reads your fingerprint and it only opens to the authorized user.

Also, when choosing a gun safe for your garage, it’s better to pick fireproof and waterproof ones. This will ensure you that your guns will be safe if ever a fire or flood occurs.

The Best Gun Safes for Your Garage

If you want to store your guns in your garage and you’re looking for a great gun safe, here are a couple of recommendations we have that you may like.

1. Stack-On Double Door Gun Cabinet

This gun safe has a unique design and people wouldn’t think that guns are stored in it. It’s because its style fits in well with the look of traditional garages. It is divided into two doors. One side can be used to store guns and the other side can be used to keep other valuables.

The gun storage side of this cabinet can hold up to 10 traditional long guns such as shotguns and rifles. It is a 54-inch tall cabinet and weights around 120 pounds when empty. It features a foam-padded bottom that protects your guns from slipping and getting damages. Its other side can be used to keep smaller guns such as handguns, and as well as other accessories like ammunition and scopes.

The Stack-On Double Door Gun Cabinet is well-built, durable, spacious, and unique-looking. It has a 3 point locking system with a double key coded lock that ensures security to your guns. It is one of the best gun safes for garages.

2. Barska Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

If you’re looking for a biometric gun safe to keep your firearms secured in your garage, this is the best one we can recommend. This safe is designed for garages that have limited space and for those who wish to keep a smaller gun collection. It is a 52-inch tall, 8 ½ -inch wide, and 10-inch deep gun safe.

This gun safe can hold three guns with slim designs such as rifles and shotguns. It features a biometric scanner on its front which can record 120 different fingerprints. If in any case it loses power, it comes with two backup keys.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries which can last up to 2 years. This safe can also be fixed on the floor or to the wall because it is pre-drilled. This is one of the most unique and very easy to use gun safe that you can place in your garage.

Storing your guns properly will help you keep them in good shape for a long time. We hope the tips we shared gave you an idea on how to appropriately store your guns in your garage.